Resident Evil 4 Remake: How to Quick Turn

Quick-turn is the solution to the stiff tank controls in the older generation of Resident Evil games. It allows the player to turn around using the buttons or tw without rotating the joystick like a steering wheel. But in the original Resident Evil 4, the quick turn mechanic wasn’t just a quality-of-life feature. It fits nicely into an aim and shoot game.

Luckily, Capcom kept the quick turn mechanic in the RE4 remake. The remodeled Leon can still change his sight instantly, once again proving his marksmanship. But there’s a catch; the remake’s controls are different from the original game, confusing many veteran players with the quick-twist buttons. To that end, this guide sheds light on everything you need to know about the new fast turns.

What’s the quick turn in Resident Evil 4 Remake?

Fast Forward is a spin button. It allows the player to change direction and look the other way with instant manipulation. In Resident Evil 4 Remake, what the quick turn does is make Leon face the opposite direction as fast as possible.

Players who use the quick turn feature a lot are better off disabling the motion blur setting. Otherwise, they may be prone to motion sickness.

How to make quick turns in RE4 Remake

how-to-quick-turn-resident-evil-4-remake-1 For quick steering, press and hold the left joystick and press the right trigger (dash button). On PC, players can quickly turn by simply pressing Q. Note that Leon cannot make quick turns while aiming or holding a knife. This feature only works when he is walking, running or crouching.

Combine quick turns with aim assist to kill enemies. With these two features, players can shoot enemies immediately after turning around, without wasting time aiming.

How to Change the Quick Steering Controls

how-to-change-quick-turn-controls-re4-remake-1 Go to the Controls section in the Options menu and change the Quick Spin Type to RB (R1), LS (L3) or B (round).

Another way to keybind is to change the control type back to original RE4. To do this, players need to select the C-1 controller type, which allows quick turns by pressing + A (X on PlayStation).

Players also have the option to turn off Quick Shutdown. But it is not recommended as it is difficult to make 180 degree turns without this feature.

Resident Evil 4 Remake is out now on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S.

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