Resident Evil 4 Remake: How to Move Items to Storage

Storage is one of the new additions to Resident Evil 4 Remake. Previously, players had only two options when encountering extra items: sell them to a merchant or discard them. But in the new game they have another option : to store too many weapons and items in storage.

In RE4 Remastered, the storage feature works by increasing the capacity of your briefcase. But beware, it’s only accessible via typewriter. Think of it as a safe for your valuables.

How to move projects to storage in RE4 Remake

image  showing  how  to  send  an  item  to  the  storage  in  the  resident  evil  4 remake. To move an item to storage, hover over the item in the Briefcase, press A (X on PlayStation), and select Send to Storage. Or interact with the typewriter, open the “Storage” tab, and manually store unwanted devices.

The first method, storing items from chests, can be done at any time. But the player needs a typewriter for the second time. (There is usually one near the merchant’s website.)

How to restore items from storage

image  showing  how  to  take  items  out  the  storage  in  the  re4 remake. Repair equipment by typewriter. To retrieve an item from storage, interact with the typewriter, open the Storage tab, hover over the desired device, and press Confirm (A on Xbox, X on PlayStation). Please note that there must be enough space in the chest, otherwise the stored item will not be returned to the inventory.

Automatically sort briefcases by LS (L3 on PlayStation) before restoring items. This option ensures that empty space is used as efficiently as possible.

What can be stored in the storage room

Players can generally only store weapons, knives, accessories, firearms and first aid spray. Food, herbs, treasures, bullets, resources, and grenades cannot be sent into the warehouse.

The best way to get rid of food and bullets is to sell them to merchants. Equipping the Rhinoceros Beetle charm doubles the price of these items and makes more money from them.

What to do with items that cannot be stored

Players have two options for dealing with excess items that cannot be stored : They either need to sell them to a merchant or discard them. The former method is simple. Head to the merchant’s “Sales” section and cash in any unused items. For the latter method, discard the item, open the briefcase, move the excess items to the chest on the right, and close it. This will discard them immediately.

Resident Evil 4 Remake is out now on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S.

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