Resident Evil 4 Remake: How to Get the Wolf Tail (& What Does It Do?)

In Resident Evil 4 Remastered, the Wolf Tail is an accessory for Leon that can be purchased from the Extra Content Shop. Like the Chicken Hat, it has a stat bonus that increases the wearer’s stamina. For example, if it takes two spinning kicks to kill a zealot, it only takes one with a wolf’s tail. (It acts like a permanent melee damage booster.) But to get the wacky tail, players must beat the campaign on a certain difficulty and at a certain level.

How to get wolf tail in RE4 Remake

image  showing  how  to  get  the  wolf  tail  in  the  resident  evil  4 remake. Unlocked after defeating RE4 with S+ rating on Assisted difficulty. Players will earn an S+ rating by completing the story within four hours. This will also add the Wolf Tail to RE4’s Extra Content Shop, which can be purchased for 2,000 Challenge Points.




wolf tail

Get an S+ rank in Assist mode

2,000 points

Wolf Tail can only be obtained in new games, not NG+. Since New Game+ in the RE4 remake does not have an S+ rating, players need to start saving again (without carrying a gun).

The role of the wolf’s tail

Wolf Tail as a unique costume that increases Leon’s physical damage. When equipped, the tail enhances his kicks, punches and suplexes, making melee attacks even more deadly. Note, however, that this skill will only activate if Leon is wearing Wolf Tail; unlocking it at the shop will not affect gameplay.

How to Equip a Wolf Tail

image  showing  leon  wearing  the  wolf  tail  in  the  resident  evil  4 remake. After purchasing Wolf Tail, it can be accessed from the main menu and pause menu. To wear it, the player must go to the Extras tab and open the tail in Leon’s Accessories. (The view cannot be turned off, the tail is visible on all outfits.)

Ashley cannot wear a wolf tail – or any other Leon-exclusive accessory.

Is wolf tail worth buying?

Compared to other unique accessories such as cat ears, chicken hat, etc. the wolf tail is a slight improvement. But players can take advantage of its benefits by pairing it with other outfits. For example, a good idea is to wear a wolf tail with a chicken hat or antlers for maximum stamina and melee ability. On its own, however, the tail isn’t worth it. Players are better off spending their Challenge Points on utility items like the Primal Knife or the Chicago Sweeper.

Resident Evil 4 Remake is out now on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S.

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