Resident Evil 4 Remake: How To Get Killer7 (And Is It Worth it?)

Resident Evil 4 Remake follows Agent Leon S. Kennedy on his quest to find and rescue the president’s daughter from the clutches of a deranged cult. As he begins his search, he learns that if he is to complete his quest, he will need to fight his way through countless infected villagers, but the weapons he starts with aren’t particularly powerful.

Thankfully, Leon won’t be forced to rely on the weapon he starts the game with for too long, as RE4 Reforged allows players to customize their weaponry on a very regular basis. As he plays through the game’s various chapters, Leon encounters several unique guns that he can incorporate into his battle gear, but some, like the Killer7 magnum, are better than others.

How to Get the Killer7 Magnum in Resident Evil 4 Remake

The  Killer7 magnum  in  Resident  Evil  4 remake While it doesn’t look like it, the Magnum available in Resident Evil 4 Remake can deal considerable damage to all enemies in the game. Players will have the opportunity to acquire the Magnum in Chapter 7 by interacting with the Merchant and purchasing Broken Butterflies from him. However, for those wishing to get the Killer7 magnum, they will need to continue playing the main story until reaching Chapter 13.

In order to obtain the Killer7 magnum, the player needs to find and interact with the Merchant in Chapter 13 or later. They could buy weapons from him for 77,700 pesetas. The Killer7 is a fairly expensive weapon, but players wishing to earn the Gun Fanatic trophy/achievement will need to purchase it at some point during the game.

Is Killer7 Magnum worth buying?

The  Killer7 magnum  Tune  Up  menu  in  Resident  Evil  4 remake The Killer7 Magnum is likely to be one of the last weapons Leon gets in the remake of Resident Evil 4, unless the player starts a new game + game after completing the story. As a result, players may already have a weapon setup they like, so they may not want to buy the Killer7, especially since it’s so expensive.

That said, the Killer7 Magnum is arguably the best magnum in the entire game, and at 77,700 pesetas it feels a bit cheap compared to other less efficient guns.

Unlike the Broken Butterfly, the Killer7 has a laser sight for more precise aiming. When fully enhanced, it provides 28.0 Power, which is slightly better than the Broken Butterfly which only provides 27.0.0 when upgraded. The Killer7 has a maximum ammo capacity of 15, while the Broken Butterfly has 10. The Killer7 has a reload speed of 1.40 when fully enhanced, while the Broken Butterfly has a max level of 5. The Killer7 has a rate of fire of 1.16 when fully boosted, but the Broken Butterfly is 1.33. Players looking to prioritize power should consider buying the Killer7 as it is stronger than the Broken Butterfly, but those who prefer a faster rate of fire and reload should stick with the Broken Butterfly. The Handcannon magnum unlocked by completing Resident Evil 4 Remastered in pro mode is superior to the Killer7 in every way except rate of fire, but it’s harder to get and the Killer7 is the better choice in the long run.

Leon  aims  the  Killer7 magnum  in  Resident  Evil  4 remake If players have a spare peseta when purchasing the Killer7 Magnum, they should highly consider doing so, as its laser sight alone is enough to make the deal worthwhile.

Resident Evil 4 Remake is out now on PC, PS4, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S.

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