Resident Evil 4 Remake: How to Beat Two Giants (Dos Gigantes)

Just before Louis and Leon venture out in a minecart in Chapter 11, they’re trapped in a blast furnace by two giants. The bad news is that one of the giants is steely; it won’t fall easily. But there is hope. With Luis’ help, Leon can kill them all with the push of a button.

In the original Resident Evil 4, Leon had to deal with this boss fight alone. But the remake pairs him with Luis, who can distract one of the giants, giving Leon plenty of time to attack both at the same time.

How to Kill the Two Giants in Chapter 11

image  showing  the  dos  gigante's  weak  points  in  the  resident  evil  4 remake. The fastest way to kill Dos Gigantes is to throw them through the hatch. To do this, the player must open the blast furnace trapdoor while the giant is standing above it. This will send both into lava, killing them instantly.

Another way to defeat El Gigantes is to attack their Plagas. With enough headshots, parasites will pop out of the backs of these creatures, which is their weakness. Players can shoot these parasites or kill them with a knife.

Tips for Defeating Dos Gigantes

Dos Gigantes can be tricky for beginner RE4 players who may need the following tricks to make it a quick and profitable fight.

Do not use a blast furnace

image  showing  the  el  gigante's  reward  drop. Players who want to make money are better off not using the Blast Furnace as it will take away the Giant’s Gem. Typically, an armored Gigante will drop a red beryl, while an unarmored one will drop a yellow diamond. But throwing them through the hatch also destroys these treasures.

Kill the naked giant first

Defeating an unprotected Gigante triggers a cutscene where Luis attaches a bunch of dynamite to the armored Gigante’s back. This makes killing him much easier, as the explosion will open his armor to reveal his Plagas.

If possible, kill the unarmored giant with the rocket launcher when he gets close to the armored giant. This can kill both. (Note that this trick only works if the player shoots unprotected giants and not armored giants).

Have a Magnum handy

Resident  Evil  4 Remake  Weapon  Tier  List  Magnum The Magnum in Remastered RE4 is an excellent weapon of choice for Dos Gigantes battles. Whether it is a broken butterfly or a hand cannon, one shot of these guns is enough to smash a giant.

Resident Evil 4 Remake is out now on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S.

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