Resident Evil 4 Remake: How to Beat the Double Garrador

Although technically blind, Garrador can see through noise like a bat. It is a deadly creature that will rush at any source of noise without hesitation. No one is safe when one gets away with it.

In Resident Evil 4 remake, when Leon must defeat a Garrador in the dungeon, the player first encounters a Garrador in the castle. But that’s not their only encounter; later in Chapter 10, Leon is supposed to kill two Gallardos in a small room full of Zealots.

How to Kill the Double Garrador in Chapter 10

how-to-kill-double-garrador-re4-remake To quickly defeat the Twin Garradors, shoot bells around corners to distract them and finish them off by hitting the Plagas on their backs. Better yet, turn on their Plagas and follow up with a flash grenade to kill both.

The weak point of RE4 Garradors is on their backs, where the parasite is. Shooting this location will expose their Plagas, which can be destroyed with flashbangs, knives, dynamite, or regular gunshots.

Since Twin Garradors are blind, it’s best to kill them with explosive bolts. The arrows were silent, making it impossible for the monster to find Leon.

A surefire way to find Garradors weak spots is to use the Biosensor Scope. This sight reveals the parasites of any organism with glowing red markings.

Tips to Beat the Twin Garradors Faster

Dual Garradors may not be as tough as Regeneradors, but they are tough enough to slice Leon in half. A wise player would keep the following instructions in mind before facing them.

Distract Garradors with bells

image  showing  how  to  distract  the  twin  garradors  in  the  re4 remake. There are two clocks on the right side of the castle, where the double Gallardo attacked Leon. Shoot these bells to make a loud sound. By doing this, the monsters will charge before the bell, exposing their backs to Leon for a quick kill.

Bolts cannot ring a bell. It must have been gunshots.

Kill their Plagas with flash grenades

Once Garrador’s Plagas is exposed, throw a flashbang at it for instant death. There is already a flash grenade on the table near the entrance. Pick it up – or craft some in your inventory – and get ready for battle.

Flashbangs will only kill Garradors when the parasite is gone. When the tentacles on their backs are visible, throw one at them.

Let the Garradors kill the Zealots

Angry Gallardo attacks anything in his way, even Zealots. Once inside the room, unleash the two monsters and watch as they slice the enemy to pieces as they make noise.

Resident Evil 4 Remake is out now on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S.

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