Resident Evil 4 Is Getting a Las Plagas Energy Drink

An energy drink inspired by Resident Evil 4 Las Plagas is coming. Players will quickly notice that Las Plagas are a parasitic superorganism that originated in a remote valley in the Iberian Peninsula. While branding doesn’t sound good due to Las Plagas’ role in the Resident Evil universe, most fans are already excited about the title and the possibility of merchandising the franchise. Not only that, but a similar Resident Evil drink is coming in 2021.

Previously, Resident Evil Village launched the Lady Dimitrescu Energy Bundle, which includes a tall tub, a new flavor, and a shaker inspired by its namesake. The collaboration created what G-Fuel advertises as the tallest tub ever created by using Lady Dimitrescu’s height, 47.2 percent taller than the rest. With the recent release of Resident Evil 4 Remake in March 2023, the timing couldn’t be more opportune to team up with a well-known brand for another collaborative drink.

Renowned energy drink brand G-Fuel has released its latest product, the Las Plagas Collector’s Box. According to the listing, each box comes with an exclusive 24-ounce Resident Evil 4 Steel Shaker Cup (not available anywhere else), and a 40-serving Las Plagas Energy Tub. The item is priced at $59.99, but fans must join the waitlist first. Those looking for a unique piece of Resident Evil 4 merchandise will be pleased to know that the exclusive Steel Shaker Cup features protagonist Leon Kennedy.

RE-4-Collectors-Cup RE-4-Collectors-Tub RE-4-collectors-box This isn’t the first time the franchise has partnered with a brand to release unique merchandise. Fans may remember the classic Resident Evil 4 chainsaw controller, which coincided with the release of the original game. A player recently found one of these, still boxed, and most can assume the item has increased in value. Since the G-Fuel-branded Resident Evil 4 Steel Shaker Cup will be an exclusive item, it may prove valuable down the road.

In light of this announcement, a fan created a mod that replaces Resident Evil 4’s herbs with G-Fuel products. It also allows players to replace Leon’s head and body with a G-Fuel tub. While this modification probably won’t turn out to be the best Resident Evil 4 mod going forward, a timely release should get gamers excited about the collaboration between G-Fuel and Capcom. The mod can even serve as marketing hype for an upcoming product release.

Resident Evil 4 (2023) is available on PC, PS4, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S.

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