Reddit Allegedly Threatens to Remove Moderators in Response to Blackout

Reddit has reportedly threatened to remove moderators involved in this week’s blackout. For years, Reddit has been a popular social media hub, attracting users of every imaginable interest. Reddit’s gaming-based forums are especially popular, as fans often log on to discuss the latest releases, share various leaks and rumors about upcoming games, and even show off their work on games like Animal Crossing and The Legend of Zelda : The latest content creation kingdom.

However, what was once the go-to place for gaming news and discussion was caught in a heated wave of controversy when Reddit announced that it would now charge users to access its API, or application programming interface. Since this code is often helpful to indie moderators looking to connect Reddit to third-party apps or add useful accessibility features to the site’s first-party apps, this decision was met with backlash – many communities have since Their subreddits are set up to protest privately. Reddit itself doesn’t seem concerned, with CEO Mike Hoffman recently assuring employees that the outage will pass in time.

New screenshots from Twitter user and r/Apple moderator aaronp613 claim that Reddit is doubling down on the ongoing subreddit blackout — and may even start punishing participating moderators. In a lengthy post on r/ModSupport, Reddit responded to the outcry and claimed that continued participation in mods violated several of the site’s policies, such as its moderator code of conduct, which will be in place in 2022. Invoking these rules, Reddit allegedly threatened to remove and replace said mods and reorganize their mod team if they did not return to the site.

While some Twitter users are defending Reddit’s latest claims, others remain staunchly supportive of the latest Reddit protests, even sharing links explaining how to delete their own Reddit accounts if things go sour. This is far from the first time a Reddit moderator has gone black in protest, as the r/Games subreddit was briefly shut down on April Fool’s Day a few years ago in response to toxic and offensive comments from some of its users. However, this latest protest has become one of the largest in the history of social media.

While some subreddits have resumed normal operations, it doesn’t appear that Reddit’s recent outage will stop anytime soon. Reddit’s response to the blackout has already drawn a backlash, and this latest announcement could make matters worse.

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