Red Dead Online Player Dresses Their Character In Modern Hipster Clothing

A Red Dead Online player dresses up their character in modern clothing, a departure from the game’s historical setting. Set in the late 19th century, Red Dead Online allows players to explore the vast and diverse landscape of the Wild West while completing quests, forming teams, and participating in various events. One of the most intriguing aspects of the game is the freedom it offers in terms of character customization, allowing players to create unique outfits and looks in Red Dead Online.

Clothing is a key aspect of character customization and plays a vital role in defining the look. Players have access to a wide variety of clothing options in Red Dead Online, such as hats, coats, shirts, pants, boots, and accessories. Some players have even recreated iconic outfits from Red Dead Online, such as Clint Eastwood’s character from Unforgiven. In contrast, a gamer chooses a different path and dresses their avatar in modern and stylish clothing.

News of this particular character customization came to light when a Reddit user named ItsLnz uploaded a photo collage showing their Red Dead Online character from different angles. The collage shows a character wearing the clothing one would expect to see on a modern rapper or hip-hop artist, not a gunslinger from the Old West. The character wears a baseball cap, stylish jacket, modern pants, and sneakers, in stark contrast to the game’s traditional setting. Additionally, many users compared ItsLnz’s avatar to the character from Grand Theft Auto Online, as it’s set in the 21st century.

Instead of making a historical outfit, I tried to make a modern outfit by u/ItsLnz in RedDeadOnline After looking more closely, it’s clear that ItsLnz took full advantage of Red Dead Online’s character customization options to create this unique Exterior. The outfit appears to have been carefully crafted using individual outfits available in the game, showcasing player creativity and attention to detail. This creative approach to character customization not only highlights the flexibility that Red Dead Online offers, but can also inspire other players looking to express their individuality and escape the limitations of the game’s history.

The community response has been largely positive, with many players expressing admiration for ItsLnz’s creativity and skill in crafting such a unique outfit in Red Dead Online. The unusual combination of modern and hip clothing in the Wild West setting certainly captured the imagination of the community, sparking discussions about the various ways players can use Red Dead Online’s customization options to push the boundaries and create their unique in-game characters.

Red Dead Online is out now on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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