RE4 Remake: How to Get the Gas Mask (& What Does It Do?)

Of all five unique accessories in Resident Evil 4 Remake, the gas mask is the easiest to obtain. It simply requires players to beat the game on Professional difficulty, with no specific prerequisites or level requirements. But like every unlock in RE4 Reforged, getting the mask might still confuse some players, because :

It doesn’t automatically appear in the inventory. Its privileges won’t work until some settings are changed.How to get the gas mask in Resident Evil 4 Remake

how-to-get-the-gas-mask-in-resident-evil-4-remake To obtain the Gas Mask, players need to complete the campaign on Professional difficulty at any level. This completes the Peerless Agent challenge, which unlocks the mask in the Extra Content Shop. Players can then purchase a gas mask in the store for 2,000 Challenge Points.

Completing the game in Pro Mode, whether in New Game or New Game Plus, rewards the player with a gas mask.

The The role of gas masks in RE4 Remake

Gas Mask is an accessory for Leon that unlocks aim assist on all difficulties. Normally, aim assist is only available in assist mode, turning it on in other modes will lower the player’s level. But there are also Hardcore and Professional difficulty options for wearing a gas mask.

How to equip and activate a gas mask

image  showing  how  to  equip  the  gas  mask  in  the  re4 remake. Like other accessories, the gas mask is accessible through an additional menu. Players who want to put it on should go to the main menu or pause menu, select Add-ons, and don the gas mask under the “Leon’s Accessories” tab.

Note that wearing a gas mask does not necessarily enable aim assist. Once wearing it, players should go into the settings, open the “Controls” tab, and change the “Aim Assist Type” to “Snap” or “Snap and Follow”.

Unable to close gas mask view. Once it is removed, its privileges become inaccessible.

Are Gas Masks Worth It?

Functionally, a Hunk-like gas mask is not an ideal accessory for Leon. Players are best served with chicken hats or cat ears, which have practical benefits. (The former increases Leon’s health; the latter gives him infinite ammo.) But since the gas mask has no challenging prerequisites, most players will eventually unlock it. It’s just that it won’t work as well as other outfits in the game.

Resident Evil 4 Remake is out now on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S.

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