QTCinderella Is Making a Baking Book

Twitch streamer QTCinderella announced she’s writing a cookbook. QTCinderella is known for her diverse streams and hosting major events such as The Streamer Awards, she is also a trained baker and has made cakes and pastries on stream.

In the past, QTCinderella ran her own cookie truck for a day, selling fresh-baked cookies to TwitchCon 2022 attendees. She also used her Twitch platform to host a baking competition, judging the work of other streamers and content creators. Likewise, QTCinderella also made custom cakes for her friends.

Whenever QTCinderella streams her baking classes on Twitch, many of her viewers say they love following her. But those unable to follow QTCinderella’s livestream asked her if she posted her recipes anywhere online, as they were only available on her Discord server. Luckily, the anchor announced that she’s officially writing a 40-recipe baking book. She said it would be a mix of her late mom’s recipes, her own recipes, and some adapted favorites.

Many fans expressed excitement about QTCinderella’s upcoming book and said they couldn’t wait to try her recipes at home. Several users said they tried her cookies during TwitchCon 2022, so they know how good her baked goods are. One user said it would be a huge source of income on top of what she earns on Twitch, and they were surprised it took so long for QTCinderella to put out a bake book.

The book still appears to be in its early stages, so QTCinderella didn’t reveal other details about it, such as its release date or whether it will be available as an e-book. While the exact recipe is still being kept under wraps, many fans are already anticipating some of the creations she makes on-air, such as the pumpkin oatmeal cookie and lemon recipe. It’s also possible that QTCinderella will include her unique creations, such as the Earl Gray Cake she made for BaboAbe and Natsumiii’s wedding and Shiphtur’s birthday party.

It’s interesting how Twitch streamers find ways to go beyond content creation. For example, the likes of Ludwig Ahgren and Disguised Toast have started dabbling in Valorant esports, while other big names like Myth and Andrea Botez Then he developed a new interest in boxing. Then there are streamers like Pokimane and Valkyrae, who balance being a co-owner of a business with streaming to viewers. It just goes to show that streaming can definitely open up opportunities for a lot of people.

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