Pragmata is Delayed Yet Again

Capcom has confirmed that mysterious action-adventure game Pragmata has been delayed yet again. The previous delay set a 2023 release window for Pragmata, but that’s no longer the plan. During the recent Capcom Showcase 2023 event, it was confirmed that Pragmata has now been delayed indefinitely. No release date for the update was provided, as Capcom focused on the game’s continued development without pressure on questions about its status.

Pragmata was first released in 2020, and its trailer has sparked interest among Capcom fans. Its protagonists wear futuristic spacesuits that mix modern astronaut gear with a more military look. The astronaut is in the center of the city, with a little girl with a robot cat beside her. A satellite that appears to burst out of the sky may actually be a chain of screens. The trailer ends with the astronaut and girl being sucked into a slit in the sky and standing on the moon.

Suffice to say, those interested in Pragmata have been questioning what the game is ever since it was first announced. However, Capcom has yet to have an answer, and it won’t be for some time. In late 2021, a short video showed young girls holding signs confirming that Pragmata had been postponed until 2023. At the recent Capcom Showcase 2023, another video similar to the last delay updated the release date from 2023 to a question mark.

The new Pragmata delay is at least delivered via a longer video that can be viewed like a full game trailer. While the little girl was drawing out her message about the game’s delay, the astronauts were battling several robotic enemies that hadn’t been seen before. There’s also a gameplay sequence montage that reveals that Pragmata is indeed a third-person action-adventure game. Players dodge enemy melee attacks and explore what appears to be a space contraption, and the young girl is even shown to possess strange powers.

At the end of the trailer, a longer note from Capcom was shared. The note says Capcom has delayed Pragmata’s release again with a “heavy heart.” However, it has not been cancelled. Development continues so that Capcom can make Pragmata “the best game [it] can possibly be.”

Clearly, this isn’t the news about Pragmata that Capcom fans might want to see. Still, it’s nice to receive the latest news about the game’s development. If Pragmata’s development needs more time for Capcom to realize its vision for this strange game, a delay might be for the best for it. While a 2024 release date has yet to be confirmed, Capcom hopes to share more information about Pragmata next year – if not sooner.

Pragmata is in development for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S.

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