Potential New Details on Next Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot DLC Leak Online

A few details about what’s coming up in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot have leaked online, with the latest leak hinting at what the next DLC will be about. Dragon Ball Z Kakarot fans can currently download DLC for Bardock expansions, skins, upgrades, and more.

When Dragon Ball Z Kakarot was released, it covered a significant portion of the Dragon Ball anime’s story, swapping out some filler content for events more befitting an action RPG. Bandai Namco expanded the scope of Dragon Ball Z Kakarot when it released the Bardock expansion pack in January, and since the popular ARPG hasn’t touched much of the Dragon Ball storyline, many fans are struggling to get an experience that reflects the quality of Bardock. Dragon Ball anime fans have suggested that Bandai Namco relive various moments from the Shonen series, and according to some leaks, the developer is gathering fan feedback.

Twitter user DBSChronicles has leaked some Dragon Ball Z Kakarot details in the past, and they may continue the trend with a tweet hinting at what the next DLC might be. According to DBZChronicles, Dragon Ball Z Kakarot’s next expansion will focus on the super series following the main DBZ chronicle, or Dragon Ball GT, a non-canon anime sequel. While GT has largely been forgotten by time, the Dragon Ball Super series has been celebrated by other games like Fortnite and Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, which may lend credence to the DBSChronicles leak.

DBSChronicles only deduces that Dragon Ball Super or GT is next in the Dragon Ball Z Kakarot pipeline of DLC, so fans shouldn’t get their hopes up. DBSChronicles produced two images showing the Dragon Ball Z Kakarot logo joined by Super and GT, but they clarified that they are “temporarily unable to use any animated visual effects”. Since both Super and GT have their own branches of Dragon Ball Z fans, many Kakarot players have expressed their preference for DBSChronicles, which may help the developers gauge interest in future options.

Although DBSChronicles included both the Super and GT in the leak, it’s possible that one will be dropped or released further ahead than the other in the future. Or that may not materialize at all. Considering how much of the Dragon Ball franchise remains untouched by games, there could be a story expansion similar to Dragon Ball Z Kakarot’s Bardock.

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot is now available on Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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