Pokemon Scarlet & Violet: Ditto Tera Raid Guide

Competitive Pokmon battles are a fun but complicated test for the community. Since Pokemon Scarlet Violet is the latest entry in the series, many players are still coming up with new teams and strategies every day. To efficiently breed Pokmon, many Trainers have a set of Dittos for this specific purpose, so capturing this Pokmon is a key part of the breeding process.

For a limited time, players will have the opportunity to catch 5-IV Ditto in Pokemon Scarlet Violet by participating in Tera Raid Battles. This guide will explain everything there is to know about the event and how to catch this imposter Pokemon.

How to Participate in the Ditto Tera Raid Event

Pokemon  having  a  picnic  near  a  Tera  Raid  Den  in  Pokemon  Scarlet  & Violet This is a five-star Tera Raid event, which means that players who have already cleared the main line of the game will be able to encounter this powerful Ditto. The event will be live from April 7th at 00:00 UTC to April 9th at 23:59 UTC, to coincide with the Samurott Tera Raid event, so players may also encounter this Pokmon when hunting for Ditto. Unlike Ditto Tera Raids, Samurott Raids are 7 star Tera Raids. This means players who haven’t completed Gym Rematch, Academy Ace Tournament, and ten four-star raids don’t have to worry about running into Samurott.

To be eligible to participate, players must check Poke Portal news in the Mystery Gift menu after the event begins.

how to capture ditto

tera  raid  poke  ball In Tera Raid Battle, Ditto can be a tricky Pokemon. It only knows move-morph, which guarantees it will transform into one of its opponent Pokmon in a Tera Raid Battle. Here are two strategies for beating Ditto, whether you try it alone or with friends in a Tera Raid.

single combat

Transform Allows Ditto to replicate exactly everything about its target except their HP stats. Players can use this to defeat Ditto in a single player match. Ditto has a very low base HP of only 48 HP, so if the player introduces a Pokemon with optimal HP (such as Blissey), then Ditto will basically turn into a much weaker version of that Pokemon. This means it will most likely fail in 1v1 or just with the help of AI.

Dittos encountered during this event will have a random Tera-Type.

team battle

Victory is easier if the player tries to take down Ditto with the help of a friend. Most of the time, Dito will transform into a Pokmon sent by the master of the Tera Raid battle. So if the host has weak Pokmon, such as a level 1 Magikarp who only knows splash, Ditto will be harmless in battle and can be easily knocked out by other party members.

Pokemon Scarlet Violet is available for Nintendo Switch.

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