Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Release A New Mystery Gift Code

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet players can now use a new mystery gift code to get both items absolutely free. These offerings come on the heels of another mystery gift code released last week, and are part of Nintendo’s tradition of giving away free items to Pokemon Scarlet and Violet gamers.

Originally launched last year, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet became two of the most popular Pokemon games of all time, selling more than 6 million units in Japan in eight weeks, while Pokemon Sword and Shield took three years to reach that number. There are several reasons for this stunning success, such as the diversity of Pokmon available to catch. However, a very important aspect of their success has been Nintendo’s continual updates and upgrades to the game, including new content, raids, and promo codes giving players new items. Mystery gift codes are special codes that give Pokemon Scarlet and Violet gamers free items for a limited time, as long as they know the correct code, and this week, players got another one.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet gamers can already claim two new items with code R0CKANDBAT0N (written with zeros) through Mystery Gift: Stealth Rock (TM116) and Baton Pass (TM123). As shared by Makio_jroses who checked out the Japanese files for the codes, they’re only available until May 7th, so it’s best to get them soon. These TM items allow Pokemon to learn new abilities, Stealth Rock deals direct physical damage, and Baton Pass allows one Pokemon to pass on their temporary stat boost or decrease to another.

Pokemon Scarlet and Purple Mystery Gift Codes

R0CKANDBAT0N. Despite criticism that its mystery gifts weren’t good enough, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet released several mystery gift codes in April, including LEVEL UP (giving 10 rare candies), CATCHBYBALL (giving five different Pokeballs), and REV1VE (giving five different Pokeballs). rare candies). These codes can be used at any point in the game. To use them, players should go into the Poke Portal, scroll down until they find the Mystery Gift entry, then find the option to place the code. After entering the code, they will automatically receive the item.

Pokemon fans looking for the latest changes to the game will also want to know that the Pokemon Crimson and Violet 1.3.0 update has just been released and it fixes several bugs. The patch was supposed to be released in late April, but it’s out now, fixing Pokemon GO connection issues as well as 10 other well-known bugs, and making some tweaks to some features, mostly focused on Tera Raid battles.

Pokemon Crimson and Violet are now available for Nintendo Switch.

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