Pokemon Scarlet and Violet 1.3.0 Update Fixes a Lot of Bugs

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet released the long-awaited 1.3.0 update, which fixes some prominent bugs and issues that have plagued the game for some time. The update comes nearly two months after the release of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet version 1.2.0, which itself was mired in controversy after some bugs came to light.

After the release of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet version 1.2.0, a bug was discovered that corrupted game saves. The bug reportedly occurred after some players pre-ordered the Zone Zero DLC’s Hidden Treasure or took advantage of the Pokemon GO Connect feature added in the update. While the bug wasn’t widely reported, Nintendo and The Pokemon Company worked hard to replicate the bug to find a fix, and even offer repairs to affected players. With the release of version 1.3.0, Pokemon trainers can rest easy knowing that save corruption bugs and other issues have been fixed.

While Pokemon Scarlet and Violet version 1.3.0 was slated for release in late April, the update arrived a little earlier than expected. In the list of changes available on Nintendo’s support site, an important change has been made to how friendly matches are entered. Sign-ups can now continue until the friendly matches are over, which should make it easier for Pokemon trainers to go online to check how they’re doing. Made other fixes to improve online Link Battles and Pokemon GO connections. Additionally, a bug was resolved that affected Pokemon Scarlet and Violet players who previously caught a Hisuian Zoroark before seeing the standard Zoroark in their save files. Some issues with Zoroark’s hallucination ability were also addressed in the update.

pokemon  scarlet  and  violet  - new  paradox  pokemon  walking  wake  and  iron  leaves Fixed a major bug affecting Walking Wake and Iron Leaves where trainers were catching an egg instead of a Paradox Pokemon, preventing them from catching either of them. Starting Monday, May 1, at 00:00 UTC, Walking Wake and Iron Leaves will return Pokemon Scarlet and Violet for two weeks. Trainers who miss out on catching any of these Legendary Paradox Pokmon will get a second chance to see how they fared. Walking Wake’s Tera type is Water, while Iron Leaves’ Tera type is Psychic.

This weekend will see Blissey return to Tera raids in four- and five-star lairs before Walking Wake and Iron Leaves return. Additionally, players who missed their chance to face the Invincible Tephrothion will have a second chance to fight and capture Volcanic Pokmon. All in all, a busy series of battles awaits Pokemon Crimson and Violet players.

Full patch notes below :

Pokemon Crimson and Violet Patch Notes

Support trainers for catching eggs instead of walking Wake or Iron Leaf in Tera Raid battles

Prior to updating to version 1.2.0 of Pokmon Crimson and Pokmon Violet, trainers who caught eggs in Tera Raid Battles instead of Walk Awaken or Iron Leaf were prevented from catching them in these Pokmon Affected by a bug with either one. This bug has been fixed and Trainers who capture such eggs instead of Walking Wake and Iron Leaf are now able to capture these Pokmon. Additionally, Tera Raid Battle events for both Pokmon will return with this game update.Function adjustment

The registration deadline for friendly matches has changed and can be found in the online matches section of the Battle Stadium. Before this change, entries were allowed until friendly matches started. After this change, entries will be allowed until the end of the friendly match.Bug fixes

Link Battle

Fixed a bug in Link Battles where selecting Swap could fail to switch the selected Pokmon before the selection timer reached zero and subsequently cause the switch – and the battle itself – to misbehave. Fixed a bug in Linked Battles where it would no longer display where it should if the remaining time for the battle was below a minute. Fixed a bug that occurred in Link Battles where the trainer would have less time to select the next Pokmon depending on the move the Pokmon used when fainted. fighting

Fixed a bug where the Chewing ability would trigger again every two turns after the first trigger, contrary to what was written in the ability description. Fixed a bug that occurred when Zoroark was Terastallized while using its illusion ability to disguise himself as another Pokmon. On the View Status screen, a Terastallized Zoroark’s type will appear as the original type of the Pokmon it’s disguised itself as, rather than the Zoroark’s Tera type. Fixed a bug that occurred when Zoroark used his illusion ability to disguise himself as another Terastallized Pokmon. This bug caused the Zoroark type on the check status screen to incorrectly show as the Pokmon Zoroark’s Tera type had been disguised as. Fixed a bug in a two-player match where an incorrect move would cause the stats of the Pokmon using the move to change. This bug would cause the stat to incorrectly occur twice if the user hit two opposing Pokmon with this move while the opposing Pokmon was behind a double. Pokmon GO Connect

Fixed a major issue causing the game to crash on the screen used to pair with a Pokmon GO account. other

Fixed a bug that affected Trainers receiving the Hisuian Zoroark from the Mystery Gift screen as a special early purchase reward for Pokmon Scarlet or Pokmon Violet’s Zone Zero Hidden Treasure without first seeing the Zoroark in their game. This bug caused Zoroark to be incorrectly shown as registered in Pokdexes for these trainers. Other selection bug fixes have been implemented. Pokemon Crimson and Violet are now available for Nintendo Switch.

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