Pokemon GO: Togetic Community Day Guide

Pokemon GO’s next Community Day is happening this weekend, and this time, it’s focused on Fairy/Flying-type Pokemon, Togetic, Togepi evolutions, and Togekiss pre-evolutions. This Togetic Community Day guide will give players everything they need to know, such as event bonuses, research tasks, rewards, and more.

When is Togetic Community Day?

togetic  community  day  pokemon  go The Togetic Featured Community Day will begin on April 15th at 2pm local time and will end the same day at 5pm local time.

What are event bonuses?

During the three-hour event, Pokemon GO players can look forward to :

Increases Togetic’s Spawns Increases Togepi’s chance to hatch from 2km eggs Hatch distance is 1/4 when eggs are placed in incubator Doubles chance of getting Candy XL from catching Pokemon (level 31 and above) Doubles chance of catching Pokemon Lure Module Candy lasts for three hours Incense (excluding daily adventure incense) will last for three hours An additional special trade can be made (up to 2 times) – (2pm to 10pm) Trade requires 50% less Stardust (2pm to 10pm) If the player evolves Togetic into Togekiss, Togekiss will know the Aura Sphere charging move, which is a powerful fighting type attack. The Togetic Community Day Fieldwork

Togetic Community Day fieldwork mission requires players to simply capture 3 Togetics. Access to possible rewards :

5 Great Balls 2 Ultra Balls 2 Pinap Berries 500 Stardust Togetic Community Day Spreads Cheer Special Study

Pokemon  Togetic To participate in a special research story called “Spreading Cheer”, players need to purchase a ticket for $1 in the in-game store. The tasks and rewards are as follows :

Step 1: Power up Pokemon 10 times (15 Poke Balls) Catch 15 Togetic (Togetic Encounters) Throw 5 Nice Balls (20 Togepi Candies) Total Rewards : 2000 Stardust, Togetic Encounters, Incense

Step 2: Catch 15 Togetic (30 Togepi Candies) Transfer 10 Pokemon (Togetic Encounter) Catch Pokmon with 3 Pinap Berries (10 Pinap Berries) Total Reward : 1500 XP, Togetic Encounter, 1 Lure Module

Step 3: Throw 3 Nice Curveballs (15 Nice Balls) Transfer 10 Pokemon (1 Lucky Egg) Evolve a Togetic (50 PokSkin Candies) Total Reward : 2500 XP, Rocket Radar, 15 superball

Step 4: Claim Reward x3 Total Reward : 2 Silver Pineapple Berries, 2 Gold Raspberry Berries, 2500 EXP, 3000 Stardust, Pokkiss Encounter, 3 Rare Candies

The Togetic Community Day Study

timed study is only available within a three hour window. Each mission rewards the player with a Sinnoh Stone, which will surely come in handy to evolve a Togetic into a Togekiss.

Use 5 berries to help catch Pokemon (Sinnoh Stone) Catch 5 Togetic (Sinnoh Stone) Make 5 Nice Throws (Sinnoh Stone) Total Reward : Two Sinnoh Stones

How to evolve Togetic into Togekiss

Pokemon GO players can evolve a Togetic into a Togekiss by feeding 100 Togepi Candies and using the Sinnoh Stone, which can be obtained by completing the timed research quest mentioned above.

Can Togetic be shiny?

Pokemon GO players have a chance to meet shiny Togepi, Togetic and Togekiss. During the event, the chance of Togetic to shine increases.

After the Bonus Raid

event ends, players can still participate in the Dogthick four-star team battle. This will take place on April 15th between 5pm and 10pm local time, and the Togetic will appear more frequently around the stadium for about half an hour once players defeat the raid. It’s worth noting that these raids cannot be joined remotely.

Pokemon GO is available on mobile devices.

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