Pokemon GO: Spring into Spring 2023 Collection Challenge Guide

The Spring into Spring 2023 event for Pokemon GO kicks off on Tuesday, April 4 and ends on April 10 at 8pm local time. During this time, Pokemon GO players can find and complete timed collection challenges.

Press the binoculars on the home screen, switch to the “Today” tab, and scroll down, and fans will find the Pokemon they need for this tournament. By examining each creature on the list, players can add Elite Collector Medals to their collection, along with Stardust, XP, and Lucky Eggs. This guide will cover the collection challenge so players can complete it quickly to get some goodies.

How to Complete the Collection Challenge for Spring 2023

cutiefly  ribombee  pokemon  go To complete the Spring to Spring Collection Challenge, players must capture the following Pokmon :

Whismur Bunnelby Flower Crown Buneary Marill Cherry Blossom Eevee Cherry Blossom Pikachu Cutiefly Players must also evolve Cutiefly into Ribombee, Bunnelby into Diggersby, and Buneary into Lopunny.

It’s also worth noting that Cutiefly can hatch from eggs 2km away, and also appear in 1-Star Raids.

Once all the Pokemon are in your inventory, head to the PokeStop, mark the quest complete, and get your reward.

All of the Pokmon on this list actually have increased spawns during the spring-to-spring event, so they should be easy to find in the wild. The Pikachu and Eevee series will be decorated with cherry blossoms, and Buneri has a chance to get a flower crown.

The harder part of the challenge is the three evolutions.

To evolve a Cutiefly into a Ribombee, players need to collect 50 Cutiefly Candies, then go to Cutiefly’s profile to activate the process. Using Pinap Berries during Pokemon encounters can help players amass extra candy, making the evolution process a little easier. To evolve a Bunnelby into a Diggersby, the player needs 50 Bunnelby Candies. Last but not least, to evolve a Buneary into a Lopunny, players also need 50 Buneary Candies.Can Cutiefly shine?

Pokemon  Ribombee Unfortunately, there are no shiny versions of Cutiefly or Rimbombee in Pokemon GO yet.

Pokemon GO is free to use on mobile devices.

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