Pokemon GO Reveals July Community Day Classic Pokemon

Pokmon GO has announced July’s Community Day Classic featuring Squirtle, the second time it’s been in the spotlight for first-generation newbies. Pokemon GO often hosts exciting events that give players the chance to farm items and catch Pokemon that are available for a limited time.

One of the most popular events in Pokemon GO is the Community Day, which once a month puts the spotlight on a specific Pokemon, and sometimes some debuts. This year, players saw the Chespin evolution line debut in Pokemon GO in its shiny form, as did the Slowpoke and Fennekin lines. However, due to the limited-time event, sometimes Pokemon GO players may not be able to attend the Community Day event, missing out on the opportunity to catch a featured Pokemon.

Pokemon GO has announced that the July Community Day Classic will be held on July 9th from 2pm to 5pm local time. To celebrate Pokemon GO’s seventh anniversary, the event will feature Squirtle, which is Pokemon No. 007. Originally, Squirtle held a Community Day in 2018, one of the first editions of the event. Squirrels will appear more frequently in the wild, and lucky players will be able to find a shiny Water-type Pokmon. Players who evolve a Wartortle into a Blastoise during the event or after two hours will receive a Blastoise that knows the Charged Attack Hydro Cannon.

The Community Day Classic event will also feature a Squirtle-themed field trip. Pokemon GO players who catch Squirtle will encounter a Squirtle wearing sunglasses, a nod to the Squirtle Squad from the Pokemon anime. As with other editions of the event, for $1, or the equivalent in local currency, players can purchase a ticket to access a special research story from Community Day Classic. Pokemon GO will also extend the duration of incense and bait modules activated during the event, shorten the distance needed to hatch eggs, and bring surprises to anyone who snaps them.

July’s Community Day Classic is the first of a new season of Pokemon GO arriving in early June. Titled Hidden Gems, this season brings exciting new features such as new events and Pokemon debuts. The Hidden Gems season is also gearing up for the highly anticipated Pokemon GO Fest 2023, Niantic’s annual celebration of the game. A few new features related to Pokemon GO Fest were recently revealed. Other important related news is the debut of Diancie during Pokemon GO Fest, finally ending the wait for the fabulous Pokemon.

Pokemon GO is available on Android and iOS.

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