Pokemon GO Players Are Selling Their Accounts on eBay After Raid Changes

Pokemon GO players are selling their accounts on eBay after Niantic made the latest changes to how Raids work. April kicked off with a new Pokemon GO event confirmed for players, bringing new content to the game. Players can capture special-looking monsters, strengthen their teams, and expand their Pokedex.

Pokemon GO became a phenomenon in 2016, revealing gameplay that turned players into Pokemon trainers. Now the game enters its 10th season, bringing new Pokmon, including Legendary Pokmon, and new features that enhance the gaming experience. As expected with online play, Niantic has also changed how certain features work. But one of these recent changes ended up causing an uproar among Pokemon GO players.

Changes to Pokemon GO’s Remote Raids were something players had been dreading for a while, and its official announcement wasn’t celebrated. As part of community discontent, Pokemon GO players are selling their accounts on eBay. By typing in terms like “Pokemon GO account” or “Pokemon GO acc” and selecting the “Time: newly listed” option, players can find several recently sold accounts. One account in particular stood out because it was being sold for $3,000 and contained 700 Shiny and 500 Shadow Pokmon, as well as 5 drop-in Pokmon.

pokemon-go-players-selling-accounts-on-ebay-after-raid-changes Players have decided to organize a Pokemon GO boycott due to the restrictions on Remote Raid participation and the price increase of Raid Passes. In addition to selling their accounts on eBay, players encouraged each other to uninstall the app and give it a low rating in their device’s app store. For players who have not yet decided to quit the game, the boycott encourages them to disable the Adventure Sync option. Another thought is to refrain from making any in-game purchases for 7 days after the Raids change, which goes into effect on April 6th. On social media, it’s also not hard to find players frustrated with the changes.

While one part of the Pokemon GO community was determined to boycott the game, another part was less impressed and debated the effectiveness of the effort. It’s worth noting that this isn’t the first time Pokemon GO players have boycotted the game. However, unlike before, Niantic has yet to comment on the entire controversy. Players will just have to wait and see if Niantic talks about the issue, and what happens with Pokemon GO as players boycott it.

Pokemon GO is available on Android and iOS.

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