Pokemon GO: How to Catch and Evolve Cutiefly

It’s spring in Pokemon GO with a new event, a new cup, and the debut of Gen 7 bug/fairy types Cutiefly and Ribombee. Cutiefly and Ribombee are the latest Pokemon to be added to Pokemon GO’s ever-expanding Pokedex, and they’re here to stay, and not just for events. Here’s everything an aspiring bug catcher needs to know about catching and evolving a Cutiefly.

How to Get Cutiefly in Pokemon GO

spring  into  spring  event Cutiefly and Ribombee are here to stay, which means Cutiefly can now be caught anytime. To increase the chances of a Cutiefly spawning, players can use common methods such as bait modules and incense. However, during the Spring Into Spring event, players can earn Cutiefly in other ways.

During the spring into the spring event

During the event, players can get cute birds : in the following ways

In One-Star Raids : Cutiefly will appear in One-Star Raids during the event. Players should focus on using Fire and Poison as they are very effective against Cutieflys types. Since these are one-star raids, players will likely be able to conquer them on their own. At 2km Eggs: Cutiefly shares the 2km egg pool with seven other Pokemon, which means players have a chance to get Cutiefly and a lot of candies by hatching 2km Eggs. Only eggs caught during this event have a chance of containing cutie flies.How to get Ribombee in Pokemon GO

cutiefly  ribombee  pokemon  go Ribombee cannot currently be caught in the wild in Pokemon GO. This means that the only methods players can use to obtain Bee Fly Pokemon are trading and evolution. In order to evolve a Cutiefly into a Ribombee, the player needs 50 Cutiefly Candies.

How to Get Cutiefly Candies

Here are some tips to get to 50 Cutiefly Candy fast :

Setting Cutiefly to Buddy: Walking with Cutiefly as Buddy will earn the player one Cutiefly candy every 1km. Using Pinap Berries: Using Pinap Berries (or Silver Pinap Berries) will double the amount of Candy the player gets from catching a Cutiefly.Can Cutiefly shine?

Unfortunately, at this time, Cutiefly does not shine in Pokemon GO. Shiny Cutiefly will most likely be added in a future event or update.

Pokemon GO is now available for iOS and Android mobile devices.

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