Pokemon GO Developer Niantic Denies Recent Reports About Game's Revenue

Niantic just dismissed a recent report that Pokemon GO revenue had plummeted to a five-year low. When it first launched on mobile in 2016, Pokemon GO allowed fans to interact with their favorite collectible creatures in the real world through augmented reality and live out their dreams of becoming Pokemon trainers like never before. The game has proven to be hugely popular around the world, though Pokemon GO has received its fair share of controversy in recent months.

The wave of bad press recently started after Niantic made several changes to Remote Raids for Pokemon GO, such as changing the price of remote passes and making it harder for players in rural areas to participate. This led many of these players to uninstall Pokemon GO on their mobile devices and even sell their accounts on eBay, with disgruntled fans taking to social media to express their displeasure with Niantic. In another blow to Pokemon GO, a recent report suggested that the game’s revenue fell to its lowest level in almost five years between March and February.

Or not, as Niantic recently spoke to Eurogamer about reports of declining Pokemon GO revenue. A spokesman for the developer said those estimates were inaccurate and that Pokemon GO’s 2023 revenue was actually up from a year earlier. While Niantic acknowledged that app store revenue fell month-over-month in April, Niantic representatives see it as “business as usual.” “We don’t focus on monthly trends because they fluctuate based on significant live events,” the spokesperson continued. “This year’s changes have added in-person raids, and we’re excited to roll out exciting new features in the coming months.”

pokemon  go  grandpa  64 phones In addition to these new, currently unspecified features, Pokemon GO fans are currently gearing up for this month’s Fennekin-focused Community Day on May 21st. Additionally, Pokemon GO Fest 2023 will take place in August, with multiple events planned in many cities around the world. Tickets for these events are on sale now, and fans who pre-order will receive a special Timed Research reward.

Only time will tell if Pokemon GO’s latest controversy affects these events, but Niantic insists the game’s revenue isn’t as dismal as previously reported. Ahead of the controversial Remote Raid changes, the developer reportedly doesn’t expect any short-term impact on the game’s revenue as higher prices for Remote Raid passes offset lower sales. That seems to be the case, though fans are still voicing their displeasure with Pokemon GO for changing something many people have come to rely on during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Pokemon GO is available on Android and iOS.

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