Pokemon GO Confirms June 2023 Community Day Pokemon

Niantic announced that Axew will be the featured Pokemon at Pokemon GO’s June Community Day, making the event even more special for players. Pokemon GO enters a new month filled with fun for the community, including one of its regular events.

Besides being a new month, June also marks the start of a new Pokemon GO season. Season 11 of the Niantic game, titled Hidden Gems, brings a new season of the GO Battle League, with rewards and events focused on PvP in Pokemon GO. Players will also see a new Research Day, with the possibility of earning Gimmighoul Coins and finding some Pokmon such as Sableye and Nosepass. Other news includes the Water Festival: Beach Week event, which marks the debut of Sandyghast and Palossand in Pokemon GO.

Pokemon GO’s June Community Day has been announced and will take place on June 10th from 2pm to 5pm local time. The event will feature a dragon-shaped axe, giving players a chance to catch one of Pokemon GO’s rarest non-legendary and non-mythical Pokemon. Players who evolve Fraxure into Haroxus (the best dragon-type Pokmon of its generation) will receive a Haroxus that knows the Charged Attack Breaking Swipe during the event or after a maximum of five hours.

When is Pokemon GO’s June Community Day?

pokemon-go-june-community-day-featuring-axew Saturday June 10th, 2-5pm local time June’s Community Day will have the usual rewards like 3x XP and 2x Stardust for catching Pokmon, and Stardust for trades 50% reduction. For $1 or the equivalent in local currency, players can purchase tickets to the special research story “Keeping Sharp.” Pokemon GO players will be able to take part in 4-star raids using Axew’s evolution, Fraxure, on June 10th from 5pm to 10pm local time. For the next 30 minutes, completing a Raid will cause additional Axews to appear around the Gym hosting the Raid, making this event perfect for fans of this powerful line of pure Dragon-type Pokmon evolutions.

The new Hidden Gems season is an opportunity for Pokemon GO to turn a new page after months of controversy. The range pass nerf caused a lot of uproar, but Niantic stood by its decision, making one of the most controversial tweaks among Pokemon GO players. A new community day dedicated to one of the rarest Pokmon in the game won’t let the problems and controversy go away, but it’s an attempt to focus the community’s attention on more positive causes.

Pokemon GO is now available on Android and iOS.

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