Pokemon Fan Shares Swablu Paradox Form With an Amusing Inspiration

Creative fans of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet have just shared their design concepts for the normal/flying Pokemon Swablu in Paradox form. Using sci-fi themes from Pokemon Crimson and Violet in the form of future paradoxes, the artist’s version of Swablu is inspired by famous conspiracy theories that fans might find interesting.

Since the introduction of paradox forms in Pokemon Crimson and Violet, the game’s player base has continued to produce original fanart of popular pocket creatures in special forms. New designs and concepts for Ancient and Future Paradox Pokemon are often shared online that many fans are likely to appreciate and enjoy. With more than 1,000 Pokemon discovered throughout the series, fans will likely continue to see Paradox forms in different designs, especially since the artist has plenty of materials to work with.

To showcase the paradoxical form of Gen 3’s normal/flying Swablu they created, Redditor HertzBurst shared several images with fellow fans on the platform. The artist named the Pokemon “Steel Spy,” inspired by drones, thus creating the Pokemon’s overall look. The community may appreciate that the artist still retains the Pokemon’s avian features, but that its fluffy white wings have been replaced with the iconic drone rotors. What’s more, the flavor text written by the artist references popular conspiracy theories that the birds aren’t real and are actually used to spy on unsuspecting citizens.

pokemon  scarlet  and  violet  swablu  paradox  form  future  fan  art More images can be seen in the original Reddit thread.

Fans of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet seem to be raving about HertzBurst’s future Paradox Swablu. Some even mentioned that they appreciated how the artist chose to make these special forms for the not-so-popular pocket creatures. Other comments also seemed to appreciate the Redditor’s conspiracy theory inspiration, playing with the reference and sharing their thoughts on how it might tie into future Paradox forms. The artist also mentioned that they used the 3D program Blender to make such a quality-looking piece of concept art.

This isn’t the first time HertzBurst has conceptualized Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Paradox forms for pocket creatures. They also create fun designs for Pokemon like Pikachu, Sudowoodo, Magikarp, and more. Hope they continue to be inspired to produce more designs like this, especially since they make such high quality and unique pieces. Many in the player base will surely want to see more of their original creations in the future.

Pokemon Crimson and Violet are now available for Nintendo Switch.

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