Pokemon Fan Shares Art of Politoed as a Human

A creative Pokemon fan has shared an original piece of art they made showing what they think the water-type Pokemon Politoed would look like as a human. Since many Pokemon creatures already have human-like features, members of the Pokemon community might be interested in how other fans can take it to the next level, especially when it comes to animating their favorites as humans.

Making Pokemon fan art as humans is nothing new to the franchise community. Over the years, the more artistic side of the fanbase has often shared their thoughts on pocket creatures as humans. This not only showcased their creativity, but also gave fans something to watch and enjoy. The artist has been working on this type of concept design for some time and is already well-known online for his work. Now, the inspiration for their latest project appears to be Politoed, a water-type frog Pokmon.

On Reddit, user endifi shared a fan art they created featuring the Gen 2 Water Pokemon Politoed. In the shared artwork, Politoed has been completely transformed, with his frog-like features replaced by a human body, face, limbs and clothing. However, the artist kept the Pokemon’s vibrant yellow and green color scheme, taking advantage of the hues on their clothing. Fans may also appreciate that the adorable swirl design on Politoed’s stomach plays a special role in fan art. The swirl design can be seen in the circular gong held by the Politoed’s figure.

pokemon  politoed  fan  art  humanoid  version The original post can be found here.

Many Pokemon fans may be familiar with endifi’s work, especially since they’ve been making fan art about Pokemon as humans for a while. They’ve also been using recognizable Asian elements in their work, especially in things like clothing and hairstyles. What’s more, they seem to go through the entire Pokedex when making their artwork, the last one they created featuring the rock-type knockoff Pokemon Sudowoodo. If endifi does follow the Pokedex numbering, fans should expect their next post to feature their concept of a Hoppip figure.

For those interested in this type of humanoid Pokemon fan art, the artist seems to be posting their new creations on Reddit regularly, so it shouldn’t take that long to wait for their new update. Hopefully the Pokemon fan artists continue their work and continue to be inspired by their projects as they have more pocket creatures to turn into humans.

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