Pokemon Fan Makes Interesting Comparison Between Celesteela and Slurpuff

A Pokemon fan recently shared a humorous meme online, in which they compare Slurpuff and Celesteela, and point out the surprising differences between the two. While there are inconsistencies between Pokmon and creatures from generations in the series, the discrepancy is laughable given the nature of the two Pokmon in question.

The Pokmon in question, Slurpuff and Celesteela, are from different generations. Slurpuff is a sprite type that originated in 2013 in the sixth generation of the game. Celesteela is a steel/flying type that debuted three years later in the seventh generation of the franchise in 2016. A player has shared a surprising detail about an interesting statistical difference between the two Pokemon in a social media post.

Reddit user yeahright2005 shared a meme that directly compares the speed values of Slurpuff and Celesteela. What may surprise online viewers is that Celesteela, a Pokmon designed to resemble a rocket ship, is 11 values slower than Slurpuff. The entire Pokmon line averages around 66 for the base form Pokemon, and 78 for the fully evolved creature. This means that not only is Slurpuff faster than the plane-like Pokmon it’s part of a rare group known as Ultra Beasts, but it’s also faster than most other base-form critters in the franchise. Slurpuff has a Speed value of 72, with Celesteela trailing at 61, which makes Slurpuff roughly 16% faster.

In the past, fans have used math to determine the speed of a Pokemon like Pidgeot in the real world. Pidgeot has a speed of 101, but its Pokedex entry clearly states that Pidgeot can travel at Mach 2 or 1534 miles per hour. Talonflame has a speed of up to 126, but in the Pokedex it tops out at 310 miles per hour. Ultimately this means fans can’t rely on stats to determine the exact speed of a Pokemon, since Game Freak isn’t consistent in Pokemon speed ratings.

Slurpuff and Celesteela don’t appear in any Pokemon games together, so players really just have to go ahead and make this kind of direct speed stat comparison. What makes the stats so interesting is that, judging by appearance alone, one would think the results were the other way around. Small and unpretentious, the Slurpuff shares many design beats with the fan-favorite Pokemon Jigglypuff. By comparison, Celesteela is huge and intimidating, sharing a design beat with other Ultra Beasts. While the comparison is amusing and somewhat humorous, it does help identify inconsistencies with Pokemon stats that have been a recurring theme in the franchise.

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