Pokemon Fan Designs New Shiny Forms for Eevee and Its Evolutions

One of the most popular creatures in the Pokemon world, the Eevee, has several different evolved forms that fans love to collect, and one creative Eevee enthusiast set out to change the shiny forms of the Eeveelution to make their colors more suitable for them the design of. While Pokemon community members have long debated the process of how the tint colors are determined, there have been numerous fan redesigns aimed at tweaking some of the more aesthetically questionable tints.

Ever since the introduction of shiny Pokmon in Pokmon Gold and Silver, they’ve been a huge part of the game in their own right, and their appeal to players has grown ever since. While Shiny Pokemon are functionally identical to regular Pokemon, it’s their rarity that makes them so popular. Shiny Pokmon, which are distinguished from other species only by their different colors, appear as often as one in 4096 under normal circumstances. Despite their incredibly low spawn rates, shiny Pokemon are surprisingly common among the game’s avid fans, and many shiny hunters utilize certain methods to increase their odds of encountering them in the wild.

While shiny Pokemon are generally popular, with each type of Pokemon having its own shiny version, it’s safe to say that not all Pokemon are equally coveted. Some Pokemon have shiny variants that are nearly identical to the original colors, which has led to many fans unofficially redesigning these shiny Pokemon over the years. A creative member of the community, known as Amsler101 on Reddit, shared some of their own recoloring of Eevee and its many evolutions in a post on the site to imagine what the shiny thing would look like. These designs include the fall-themed Leafeon, gold Flareon, and electric blue Jolteon, among others.

Eevee has become the mascot of the Pokemon franchise in its own right, thanks in no small part to Let’s Go, Pikachu! Let’s go, Ibrahimovic! game that lets fans travel around the Kanto region once again with a special Pikachu or Eevee as their main companion. Adorably evolved Pokmon have also been the subject of seemingly limitless fan art since their inception, and their incredible evolution potential has inspired many imaginative fans to create their own custom evolved forms for Pokmon .

Although Eevee has undergone a total of eight official evolutions so far in the long life of the Pokmon series, players have sadly not seen one since the introduction of Cactus in Pokmon X and Y in 2013 New Eevee evolution. There are few genres that Eevee-formed games haven’t utilized, leading many fans to hope for more Eeveelution in future titles.

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