Pokemon Fan Designs Future Paradox Form for Celebi

A crafty artist who loves Pokemon recently showed off their creations for Paradox Celebi. The Pokemon community is known for great artists who create unique designs such as Pokemon that look like humans, new versions of Paradox Pokemon, unique fusions between different characters, and more to show off theirs to other fans of the franchise creativity.

Celebi, a mythical time-traveling Pokemon known as the Guardian of the Forest, was an obvious choice in the form of Pokemon Paradox. This rare psionic and grass-type creature first appeared in the second-generation Pokemon games as a special event-limited reward. It has become very popular since then, appearing in the Pokemon movies, merchandise, and other media.

Now, a new Celebi design has been created by artist HertzBurst, known in the community for his talent in turning many types of Pokemon into amazing Paradox forms, creating alternatives for Wailord, Whooper, Snorlax, Zapdos, and many others Version. Their latest project is the future Paradox Celebi. The creature originally looked a bit like a fairy bug that might have come from space, but the new design puts more emphasis on the bug aspect, making the Pokemon really look like some kind of firefly, with a very bright green color and huge eyes that look cute on Google.

According to a Reddit post, this new version of Celebi is named Iron Traveler, and it’s a machine-like fairy and grass-type Pokemon that, like the original, can travel through time. Height and weight aren’t much different either; it’s still a lightweight little Pokemon. In a review, someone defined the Iron Traveler as “very sleek looking” and affirmed that it’s almost tangible due to its very realistic textures.

Pokmon fans continue to create unique works of art to express their love for the series. Recently, a Pokemon fan created a stunning hardwood portrait of Charmander and Cubone by sculpting the two creatures and then painting them. Not only do these portraits look very unique, but they also seem to show everyone’s mood. Charmander looks really cute and happy, while Cubone is rather angry, perfect for a Pokemon.

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