Pokemon Fan Creates Impressive Legendary Version for Pidgeot

A Pokemon fan artist has created an incredible legendary version of Pidgeot in an animated video. The Pokemon Dove series is a very popular series, although it’s not necessarily as popular in the Pokemon fan art community as other series. However, this also makes it perfect for some unique and surprising art. Making a legendary version of Pidgeot isn’t what many Pokemon fans expected, but seeing it in motion makes it clear what a great idea it is.

Despite being based on a relatively common and unremarkable animal like a pigeon, the Pidgey series of Pokmon has its fair share of fans. Two main reasons include that Pidgey was one of the first Pokemon that many trainers in the first generation Pokemon games would collect. Nostalgia has ingrained Pidgey in the collective consciousness of Pokmon fans. The second reason is that Pidgey was one of the first collected Pokmon Ash in the Pokmon anime, playing a key role in many of Ash’s early adventures before his eventual release as Pidgeot.

Reddit user MrFrtc appears to be one of Pidgeot’s fans. They even created their own custom legendary Pidgeot, a gold and white bird with glowing purple and blue hues. Like many other Legendary Pokemon over the years, this Legendary Pidgeot has superior qualities that make them seem like more than just another typical Pokemon.

However, MrFrtc wasn’t content with designing their legendary Pidgeot. They went the extra mile to fully render and animate the unique Pokemon, and shared videos of their creations online. Fans of Pokemon can not only see the fabled beeches fly through the air, but also how their ethereal sides shimmer in the wind and radiate their magical essence. The video also shows the legendary bijit in the dark so their glowing parts stand out.

For Pokemon fans looking to learn more about the legendary Pidgeot, MrFrtc provided some further information in his reply. Their Legendary Pidgeot is a ghost/flying type Pokemon, which is different from the typical normal/flying type. It’s also based on Pidgeot’s Mega form, as seen in Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire.

The Legendary Pidgeot design was created for the Pokemon fan game competition, a French project called Tales of Dawn. But that’s not MrFrtc’s only Pokemon creation. They also shared other Pokemon-related 3D art videos, including a Pokemon game concept and a fan video of Nuzlocke running. Hope MrFrtc will share more of their Pokemon art in the future.

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