Pokemon Fan Creates Awesome Charizard Controller Stands

A Pokemon fan created a controller stand based on Charizard. One of the most popular Pokmon in the series, there’s no shortage of Charizard fan art on the internet. However, there’s little fan art as practical as these fire/flying Pokemon-based controllers.

One of the reasons Charizard is popular in the Pokemon community is its connection to the beginning of the series. Fans have long known about Pokmon as it is the final form of Charmander, one of the original Kanto starters for Pokemon Red and Blue. In addition to its history in the franchise, Charizard also features an eye-catching dragon design. Recently, a fan thought that the impressive Pokemon’s head could serve a real purpose.

On Reddit, a user named Excellent_Echidna_95 shared a photo of their recently completed Pokemon-themed project. Specifically, a controller stand made by a Reddit user bears a striking resemblance to the Charizard. In the image shared by the creator, there are eight Charizard models, each in a different color. While these charizard avatars are impressive, their function as a controller stand makes the Pokemon fan art even more compelling. It’s worth noting that the stand works with many types of devices, as shown here, with Xbox and GameCube controllers placed overhead. In addition, a smartphone and a Nintendo 3DS game console were displayed at several other booths.

Posting their fan art to Reddit, Excellent_Echidna_95 said it was one of their best projects yet, and included an image of flames to show their approval of the design. Many Pokemon fans have noticed the controller stand, with some users noting how much they like the Pokemon-inspired design. Plus, the post received hundreds of upvotes in less than a day, proving just how popular fan art is. Aside from the compliments, many gamers were eager for the chance to get one of their own Charizard controller mounts and asked the creator if they were on Etsy.

While Charizard makes the perfect controller stand, fans have made other real-life items based on popular Pokemon. In fact, another player recently made a life-size stained glass statue of Squirtle. With Excellent_Echidna_95’s Charizard creation now complete, it will be interesting to see if they make additional controller mounts based on other Pokemon, or if it inspires others to do the same. While finding another creature design with the right shape to use as a stand can be challenging, with over 1,000 Pokemon in the franchise, there’s a good chance there are other viable options.

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