Pokemon Art Imagines Cleffa as a Human

A Pokemon player draws Cleffa in a way that many gamers wouldn’t expect : to be human. Many fans of Game Freak’s hit series enjoy drawing Pokemon in all different styles, reimagining them in uncommon ways. Pokemon artwork can show players new perspectives on creatures they already know and love, giving them fun creations they didn’t expect.

Cleffa is a fairytale-type baby Pokemon introduced in the second generation of the franchise. After the Pokemon is upgraded, it will evolve into a Clefairy, and at the same time, the friendship with the trainer is very high. Cleffa is known as a Star Pokemon, and it shares a category with the water-type Staryu.

A Reddit user named endifi shared their drawings of Cleffa. The work transforms the fairy-type Pokmon into a human form and a cute baby. Aspects of the Pokemon were carried over, like the brown horns covering the ears and the doll’s eyes with flushed cheeks. The artist also drew her with a small wand with a star on the end, which helps to represent Cleffa and her evolutionary line’s connection to the moon and stars. The art is well done, allowing gamers to see Pokemon in a way that they don’t often think of.

Several Redditors praised the work for its cuteness, expressing their love for endifi creations. When asked if they were inspired by Anya from Spy X Family, the artists stated that they created this piece in 2019 and that they were more inspired by the magical girl anime series Ojamajo Doremi and Cleffa itself. endifi creates quite unique pieces that help spark the imagination of Pokemon fans.

Endifi’s art helps show the variety of art based on the Pokemon series. Many artists have created alternate forms as well as new evolutions and type changes for many Pokemon. Fans also imagined what baby versions of existing Pokemon would look like, and created Mega Evolutions and Terastal forms for some of these creatures. These pieces help showcase the imaginations of players in the franchise and help demonstrate their love of role-playing games. It also showcases the talent gamers have when it comes to continuing to make creations that look amazing. As the series continues, there will be artistic ways for fans to celebrate it, resulting in a work that any Pokemon player can enjoy.

Pokemon Crimson and Violet are now available for Nintendo Switch.

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