PlayStation Stars – PS Plus Catalog: Outbreak Answers

The PlayStation Stars program, available through the PlayStation App, lets fans complete challenges and events to earn digital rewards that can be shown off to friends (or just there to admire). One of the latest events in the program is called PS Plus Catalog: Outbreak, and it contains a series of hints pointing to a different game involving some kind of undead enemy.

All games are part of the PS Plus catalog, and to complete the event, PlayStation fans need only boot up one game from the target list. This guide will review game answers to objective prompts from the PS Plus Catalog: Outbreak event.

PlayStation Stars Answers – PS Plus Catalog Breakout


Jesse  Faden  from  Control PS Plus Catalog : Outbreak description is : ‘Zombie? Ghouls? Infected? No matter what you call them, each of the games below features some version of the undead. Can you guess the game based on the hints? Play only one of them to get rewards.

Below, fans will find the answer to each hint. Try playing the game for a few minutes to make sure the campaign is marked complete. It will end on April 30, 2023, and players will receive rare Brain Dead collectibles.

Well, actually, they’re not zombies : They’re infected – Answer (The Last of Us Remastered) Well, actually, they’re not zombies : They’re Dreglings – Answer (Devil’s Souls) Well, actually, they’re not zombies : They’re Stranding things – Answer (Death Stranding) Well, actually, they’re not zombies : They’re Freakers – Answer (Days Gone) Well, actually, they’re not zombies : They’re humans controlled by Hiss – Answer (Control) PlayStation The Stars program is only accessible through the official PlayStation app on mobile devices.

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