PC Gamers Can Claim Game With 'Very Positive' Reviews for Free

Good Old Games is offering free games to PC gamers, but not all reviews praise the decision. The game in question is Crusader Kings 2, a Paradox Interactive classic that has received high reviews on most video game platforms. But why Crusader Kings 2’s scores on GOG.com are starting to drop may be open to debate.

The base game for Crusader Kings 2 came out in 2012. It’s a grand strategy game and dynasty simulator where players not only decide whether to go to war or how to develop their nation’s industry and technology, but plan and plot their way in-game. Players follow their dynasty for generations, only failing when their ruler dies without an heir. At launch, it already received positive reviews and continues to be well received by players and critics alike. Crusader Kings 2 also has more than 15 expansion packs and add-ons for a total cost of over $300. So Paradox has introduced an extended subscription for only around $4 per month, allowing gamers to enjoy all the extra content without a permanent investment.

Paradox made Crusader Kings 2 a free-to-play game, and its sequel, Crusader Kings 3, was just as popular and certainly brought in a lot of money. However, not all gamers applauded the decision. Players are disappointed because only the base game is available for free, so that still represents a substantial financial investment if someone wants to play the game and all its DLC. Some players even gave Crusader Kings 2 a bad review because of this. Some felt it would detract from the experience, but there are plenty of Crusader Kings fans who support the series, saying that the base game is still fun without any added content.

Crusader-Kings-2-negative-reviews-for-no-free-DLCs Paradox Interactive’s system of releasing countless DLC after the base game has been questioned by many. But for every skeptic, there are also those who appreciate all the work Paradox has put into its games. So far, Paradox’s name has been intertwined with grand strategy games, and it’s undeniable that most of its titles offer a deep experience of conquest and intrigue. It takes a lot of time to develop such a large system, so players will either have to wait longer for the game with all the extra content, or they will need to accept the slow release of new additions.

It’s also worth mentioning that Paradox also offers free updates that still contain extra content for everyone. Considering that grand strategy games can be an acquired taste, Crusader Kings 2 and its base game are still a great adventure for those willing to take it up.

Crusader Kings 2 is free to play on PC.

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