Overwatch 2 Season 5 Update Changes 7 Year Old Map

The Overwatch 2 release map Gibraltar Watchpoint has had some notable changes as part of Season 5. Gibraltar Lookout was one of the Overwatch 1 maps that made it into Overwatch 2, and now fans will see a unique version update of the location when they download Season 5.

Watchpoint Gibraltar is one of the original Overwatch maps that made it into the sequel like Dorado, Nepal, and Route 66. Similar to some of the other initial maps, Watchpoint Gibraltar has received little attention in terms of aesthetic changes other than changing the time of day and improving its visual fidelity. As Blizzard continues to work on Overwatch 2 to differentiate it from its predecessor, Watchpoint Gibraltar has made several adjustments in the newly released Season 5 patch.

The Overwatch Twitter account has confirmed several tweaks to Watchpoint Gibraltar as part of the hero shooter’s Season 5 update. According to the tweet, the last defense point at Watchpoint Gibraltar, the exit to the front line defender spawn point, the hangar route, and the bunker have all changed in Overwatch 2 Season 5. Through some before and after photos, the most obvious adjustment is the addition of a third path to the access route hangar. Overwatch 2 players can take this path beyond the two doors on either side of the payload entrance, which should limit parking. The number of matches at the first defense point.

Multiple staircases open up the Gibraltar observation point in the Overwatch Season 5 patch, and an image also highlights new doors to the attack spawn room, adding central and upper exits. Blizzard has also improved the lighting of at least two of the parts of Watchpoint Gibraltar that were shown. By showing before and after images of the Gibraltar lookout changes in season 5, some Overwatch 2 players have indicated that the map still looks very similar, which might help them get used to the new version.

Considering how many Overwatch 2 Gibraltar Watch games have been slowed down at the hangar entrance, Blizzard may be hoping that stopping payloads in Season 5 will take a little more effort. As Blizzard continues to address the jumping issues that were present in the original Overwatch map for the sequel, other design changes may change, such as the short path to the end of Junktown or the stairway passage after the first Dorado payload destination.

Overwatch 2 is out now on Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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