Overwatch 2 Player Shows Off Wild Sombra and Ramattra Rollout Trick

A pair of teammates in Overwatch 2 used an impressive roll-off trick at the start of the game, using Ramattra to push Sombra far across the map with a basketball. Fans are always looking for new strategies and ways to gain an advantage over opposing players in Overwatch 2, and one area that gets a lot of attention is at the start of a match. This method is called a rollout, and it’s the player’s method of getting into the map from the spawn point as quickly as possible.

While a ton of different strategies have been developed over the years between Overwatch and its current sequel, such as wall-riding like Lucio, Doomfist jumping, and more, some people would rather mess around before the game starts. Basketballs can be seen everywhere on some maps, with the same physics system players have been using for years. While most of the time it just involves melee attacks to see how far the ball bounces, some people use it in their roll-off strategy to catch the opposing team off guard.

The latest Overwatch 2 launch tech comes from a user named DaM3xicanTurl3, showing just how quickly Ramattra and Sombra can reach the center of the Ilios map. While waiting in the respawn area, Sombra throws her shifter device onto a basketball in front of the respawn gate and sticks it to it. As the game begins and the doors open, the Ramattra player uses the Void Accelerator attack to quickly hit the basketball, sending it flying across the map, at which point Sombra activates her teleporter ability to teleport to where the ball is currently located.

The tech allows Sombra to zip across the map in record time, and it works wonders on certain Overwatch 2 game modes like Control. Still, while many fans in the comments thought it was fun and hilarious, most felt it was still a fringe case and Blizzard probably wouldn’t fix it. In fact, this isn’t the first time players have used basketball to their advantage. Many in the comments recalled the time Mei used her knockback assist fire to push Sombra’s shifter, though many felt that this new method might be more effective.

Basketball quickly became a fan-favorite item in Overwatch, and it seems to have carried over into Overwatch 2. While some try to use it to see what’s possible within the game, others see if basketball can be exploited by them. In one case, Symmetra was able to connect her turret and create a spiraling ball of death after picking it up. Another Overwatch 2 clip shows Zarya launching her Graviton Surge and trapping enemies in the air with punch balls, allowing the Cassidy player to shoot them out of the air with Noon.

Overwatch 2 is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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