Overwatch 2 Has One Very Well-Hidden Pair of Googly Eyes

The annual Overwatch April Fools tradition continues in this year’s Overwatch 2, with Google Eyes added to various characters in the menu, as well as to actual gameplay, though fans may have missed the location on Ramattra’s weapon A pair of well-hidden eyes. Big eyes aren’t a new feature in Overwatch 2, as the tradition started with the first entry in the series. While players had come to expect various characters from the game to be part of April Fools’ pranks, this time around players weren’t expecting the googly eyes on the weapons.

Starting in 2020, Blizzard has turned this big eye into the joke of the year in Overwatch. Since the annual joke, Blizzard has added funny eyes to every playable character in the shooter throughout April Fools’ Day, but notably didn’t add the big eye to all of the character’s weapons. Instead, only certain characters add eyes to their weapons, such as Reinhardt with a shield (on some skins) and Torbjrn’s turret. Rammatra joins the cast of characters, adding a pair of round eyes to his weapon, the void accelerator.

The particular pair of eyes in question were added to one of Rammatra’s primary weapons, but are still somewhat obscured due to the design of his void booster, making them well hidden. Even though this is Rammatra’s first appearance during the April Fool’s Day event, the presence of the eyes makes the character stand out from the rest of the cast considering his status as the latest Overwatch 2 character. Rammatra is the latest “dual form” hero to join the series, and his first year has given him a unique style, even if it’s part of Blizzard’s annual joke.

While adding ridiculous eyes only lasted a few days, characters like Reinhardt or Torbjrn changing their weapons in addition to their faces seem to stand out. Rammatra, who has only been in Overwatch 2 since December 2022, has a pair of very hidden eyes usually reserved for more well-known characters.

Blizzard’s April Fool’s change is a welcome addition to their Overwatch franchise, as even if the gag only lasts for a short time, it helps the game stand out from its competitors. Fans can’t help but wonder which heroes’ weapons might have their own secret eyes when April Fools’ Day rolls around again.

Overwatch 2 is out now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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