One of 2021's Best Games is Finally on Xbox

Horror game Inscryption, published by Devolver Digital, is coming to the Xbox after its initial release two years ago. Inscryption is a card-based mystery deck-building game with many spooky twists to discover.

Considered one of the best indie games of 2021, Inscryption first released on PC in October of that year, before coming to PlayStation in August 2022 and Nintendo Switch in December 2022. As one of the industry’s leading independent game publishers, Devolver Digital’s titles are often highly regarded and sought after, having backed titles such as Gris, Samurai Zero, Death’s Gate and Cult of the Lamb. Following the game’s PC launch and subsequent release in 2021, many console fans are wondering when the critically acclaimed indie will be coming to their platform of choice. With two of the three major console platforms covered, now Xbox gamers can finally experience the nightmare too.

Inscryption, the indie horror game developed by Daniel Mullins, is now finally available on Xbox, Devolver Digital announced on Twitter. The announcement came with a brief one-minute trailer, giving would-be players a look at some of the card-based madness and reminding Xbox gamers who’ve been clamoring for the game for two years what Inscryption is.

While that’s great news for Xbox fans who love Devolver’s indie titles, it looks like most of the publisher’s upcoming lineup will skip the Xbox or even the PlayStation from here on out. Currently, the only game supporting all three consoles is Zelda adventure game The Plucky Squire, due out later this year. Other interesting looking Devolver games due out in 2023 like Gunbrella, Skate Story, and Anger Foot are only slated for PC, and Doinksoft’s Gunbrella is also coming to Switch. While this may seem disappointing to fans of Devolver Digital games on Xbox and PlayStation, it’s not uncommon for Devolver games to release initially on PC and make their way to console platforms a year or so later, as was the case with the recent Inscryption .

With summer fast approaching, it’s no surprise that Devolver continues its annual summer show antics. While the publisher traditionally only showcases a handful of indie titles, this year’s event could give Xbox and PlayStation players a taste of past Devolver titles like Card Shark and Demon Throttle or upcoming games for their platforms like the aforementioned Skate Story or Gunbrella. understood. Until then, Xbox gamers can finally enjoy the horrors of Daniel Mullins’ Inscryption.

Inscryption is now available for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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