Official Persona 5 Cosplay Pattern Released


Cosplay company First Stop Cosplay has released an official cosplay pattern for the main character of Persona 5: Royal, making it easier for all cosplayers to create their own costumes. First Stop Cosplay was founded in 2019 by Amanda ‘Mari’ Gregory to provide cosplayers with detailed and easy-to-follow pattern instructions along with modern sizing. Licensed by ATLUS, the parent company of Persona 5, the cosplay graphic is a nod to the hobby and is available for purchase on the First Stop Cosplay website and at ANIME Impulse in Anaheim, California. Content continues with Nichimaki’s Gamer Video For many fans, cosplay is an important part of the world of anime and gaming, and one of the most important ways for people to express their love for a character or series. While many cosplayers figure out how to create their costumes from reference photos of their characters, an official cosplay pattern has been released for a popular character – the main character from Persona 5 Royal. This mode makes it easier for even beginner cosplayers to create their own costumes.

This cosplay pattern was released by a cosplay company called First Stop Cosplay. It has been officially licensed in partnership with ATLUS, the developer of Persona 5 and many other JRPG games, including Shin Megami Tensei. While anime and game studios have no problem with cosplayers making their own costumes (in fact, many studios encourage it, holding official contests, and even thanking cosplayers in their productions), it’s hard to see a company officially making a character Cosplay patterns are a new recognition for the hobby.

First Stop Cosplay was founded in 2019 by Amanda ‘Mari’ Gregory at the age of 15. Her goal is to equip both novice and experienced cosplayers with the skills needed to make their own cosplays. All patterns made by First Stop Cosplay come with detailed, easy-to-follow instructions and modern sizing.

The paper is also reusable and durable so it can be used over and over again. Even in Japan, cosplay motifs are rare, so it’s no small feat that First Stop Cosplay has an officially licensed product from the series’ parent company.

This RPG is for the main character in Persona 5 Royal, the latest installment in the Persona 5 series. Persona 5 originally launched in 2016, and its popularity has spawned four spin-off games and an anime series. Released in 2017, Persona 5 Royal added two new characters and some new storylines to the original game.

1007FrontE_c8035ef8-5fe3-4401-8879-67c4468db2fa The game has won several awards and has received many more nominations. It lost out only to Final Fantasy VII : Remake in RPG of the Year. Reviews for Royal were even better than the original game.

All characters in Persona 5 have two different versions, one in the “real world” in modern-day Tokyo, and the other in the virtual universe as the “character” version. The main character is silent, can be named by the player, and is the title used by the main playable character in the real world. The cosplay is for this version of him, not his personality, so it’s for his Shukin College uniform. It’s a little easier for less-experienced cosplayers, but it’s no less recognizable.

Cosplay graphics of the protagonists of Persona 5 Royal will be available on the First Stop Cosplay website on September 2. The company will also be selling the product in person at the ANIME Impulse booth this weekend in Anaheim, California. Likely, the product will continue to be sold at First Stop Cosplay booths across the US this season. The pattern itself has a difficulty rating of 3.5/5 stars and is available in men’s sizes. The pattern is fully available in English and you can buy the full set or just the parts you need (jacket or trousers).