Odd God of War Ragnarok Trick Allows Players to Revive a Beloved Character

Major spoiler alert for God of War’s Ragnarok story A bizarre Ragnarok interaction sees a beloved character inexplicably returned from the grave as a sidekick to Kratos. The bizarre moment is all the more humorous considering it happened during the otherwise emotional end of Ragnarok.

With launch failures and technical failures all too common, Ragnarok, which launched in near-perfect shape last November, was a breath of fresh air for many. In contrast, gamers recently saw the arrival of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, the sequel to 2019’s The Order of the Fallen, which was widely criticized for performance issues – especially on PC. It adds to growing dissatisfaction with the state of non-console gaming, an industry that has endured a string of disappointing ports. That said, even a game like God of War and Ragnarok isn’t immune to unexpected bugs.

But when they are so few and far between, glitches and their unintended consequences are less a source of intense frustration than an eccentric source of joy. A great example of this is a video uploaded to Reddit by Commercial_Raisin215 in which fan-favorite character Brok is miraculously brought back to life just before his funeral. Standing on a nearby pier, Kratos directs Freya to fire the Hex Arrow directly at Brock’s corpse. The player then has Kratos throw his ax at the center of the hex with the aim of causing an explosion to engulf the surrounding area. Click here to view the video on Reddit.

brok  and  fake  tyr Immediately after the explosion, however, Brok stood up and ran towards Kratos, passing his two grieving friends without even saying hello. Brok doesn’t say anything in the clip, nor are any of the characters acknowledging him, and the commentary confirms that if the player leaves the area far enough, Brok will disappear and revert to a corpse, as he was meant to be.

Many who played God of War Ragnarok for the first time probably expected that Kratos would at some point go out to find the missing part of Brock’s soul, something the player was told early in the game by his brother Sindri. Alas, when Mimir reveals the incomplete nature of Brok’s soul, upon his second death, which means nothing can be saved, this knowledge turns into a brutal moment of dramatic irony at the player’s expense. Cindri’s subsequent breakdown has led some to believe that if the Kratos or Atreus story continues, the surviving brother could become an antagonist.

God of War Ragnarok is available now on PS4 and PS5.

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