NZXT Launches New Kraken AIOs and RGB Cases

Industry leader NZXT has launched a new range of Kraken AIO and RGB cases. Gamers who like to deeply customize their PCs will be excited about the next generation addition to NZXT’s already impressive line of cases and AIOs.

Founded 19 years ago in California in 2004, NZXT has served the DIY PC build community from the very beginning. Best known for its PC cases, the company started offering all-in-one cooling products in its Kraken line about 10 years ago. For 2020, NZXT boosted the AIO with the Z-Series lineup, adding a customizable LED display. NZXT also offers motherboards, power supply units and gaming accessories for gamers. The company’s products are widely acclaimed and appear in the product lineups of most online computer manufacturer sites. On top of that, NZXT is known for creating fun and exciting custom cases with themes including Mass Effect, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, and Cyberpunk 2077.

NZXT has launched the next generation of the Kraken and Kraken Elite series. To complete the experience, gamers will be able to download NZXT CAM, a free software that helps customize, monitor and control any product they choose. The lineup includes the Kraken X-3 and Z-3 series. The difference between the Kraken and the Kraken Elite is the size of the LCD screen. The Kraken Elite features a 2.36′ screen for higher quality images and can display NZXT CAM data as well as still and animated images. In contrast, the Kraken has a 1.54-inch screen that is expected to be of lower quality and can only display static images and system temperature data from the NZXT CAM. Whether it is Elite or not, the Kraken series has three sizes: 240mm, 280mm, and 360mm. Installation is also simplified by using a single breakout cable. Click here to view NZXT products.

NZXT-Kraken-Elite-360-Fan Kraken Suggested retail price

Kraken 240: $139.99 Kraken 240 RGB: $179.99 Kraken 280: $159.99 Kraken 280 RGB: $199.99 Kraken 360: $179.99 Kraken 360 RGB: $219.99ite Kraken Suggested retail price

Kraken 240: $139.99 Kraken 240 RGB: $179.99 Kraken 280: $159.99 Kraken 280 RGB: $199.99 Kraken 360: $179.99 Kraken 360 RGB: Series RP3 RGB3 RGB Case $219.99

H5 Flow RGB: $119.99 H7 Flow RGB: $159.99 H7 Elite (2023): $199.99 On the housing front, NZXT has RGB versions of the H5 Flow and H7 Flow, as well as a modified version of the H7 Elite. The H7 Elite will feature F-Series Core RGB fans and RGB controllers. NZXT CAM has also received updates to the Kraken Elite and Z-3 series. This means that the software comes with dual infographics and a carousel mode for displaying system data. Best of all, through the integration of GIPHY, gamers will have access to countless GIFs that they will be able to use on their monitors.

In addition, NZXT CAM can also display data from various websites through the web integration mode. So, for gamers who like the look of their PCs and their substance, a new generation of NZXT offerings might sound enticing.

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