Nintendo Switch Surprise Launches 3 Games Today

Following the latest Indie World showcase, Shadows Over Loathing, Teslagrad 2, and Teslagrad Remastered all had surprise releases on Switch today. Indie games have been gaining traction on the Switch, in part because of the output of the Indie World demo.

Indie World is the name of a series of showcase events hosted by Nintendo to highlight upcoming indie games on the Switch. They’re an extension of Nintendo’s past efforts to promote indie games on its consoles, starting with the seventh generation, in which indie titles like World of Goo and Cave Story were released and promoted on Nintendo’s platform. This continued for the next few generations, as many of the most successful indie games, such as Shovel Knight, Hades, and Terraria, were the most notable releases on the 3DS, Wii U, and Switch. one of the games.

Many gamers were expecting Hollow Knight: Silksong to be featured in the latest Indie World, but fans were surprised to learn that all three of these games are available today on the Switch eShop. One such game is Teslagrad 2, the sequel to the 2013 puzzle-platformer Teslagrad. Teslagrad 2 was officially released in 2020, and players can play the game today on the Switch, along with a remake of the first game. Both titles are available individually or as bundles in the Teslagrad Power Pack Edition.

The third indie game to hit the Switch unexpectedly is Shadows Over Loathing, an RPG from Asymmetric Games, joining the ranks of other titles inspired by the work of H.P. Lovecraft. Unlike other Lovecraft-style games that rely heavily on the horror genre, Shadows Over Loathing takes a humorous approach to cosmic horror, depicting its characters and terrifying monsters in a stick figure art style. It originally released on PC last November, but is now available digitally on Switch. Additionally, Shadows of Loathing will be released in physical form this fall.

With the successful releases of Hi-Fi-Rush and Metroid Prime Remastered earlier this year, launching a game out of the blue has proven to be an effective way to grab attention for a new title. This has affected not just the indie space, not just Teslagrad 2, but Sports Story, which also launched out of nowhere last December after being announced years ago. Fans new and old can grab the time to get hands-on with these games on the Switch now, and it’s unlikely this will be the last time Nintendo implements this launch technique.

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