New Valheim Update Adds One of Minecraft's Best Features

The new Valheim update is set to add one of Minecraft’s best features to the viking survival game : creative mode. Valheim will continue to be tinkered with new content, fixes, and more as it evolves through Early Access and Xbox Game Preview formats.

Valheim launches early access for the first time on PC in 2021, before making the jump to Xbox and Game Pass in 2023. With the launch of Valheim on multiple platforms, Iron Gate Studios continues to think of new ways to improve the game. Similar to how Minecraft has evolved over the years, Valheim looks to be doing the same thing, and adding a creative mode might be something it needs to be embraced by the wider PC and Xbox player community.

The Valheim public test server, which went live shortly after the survival game’s release, recently received a major update that includes a so-called Hammer mode. Hammer mode promises to be Valheim’s equivalent of Minecraft’s creative mode, and it comes with several game modifiers that will reflect the build-centric gameplay. According to the patch notes, Hammer Mode will allow players to build whatever they want without requiring the necessary resources, monsters will not attack players unless provoked, and forests will not move to raid player bases.

While Valheim players have been able to add certain modifiers to their games, such as God Mode and free flight via console commands, that may not be necessary for this public test realm change. In addition to the Hammer mode with its otherwise normal settings, the Valheim public test server introduces a casual mode that will drastically reduce the difficulty level of the Iron Gate’s Viking survival game. Meanwhile, Immersive Mode, designed for more die-hard Valheim fans, removes maps and portals, and other difficulty options get their own tweaks.

Given that Minecraft and No Man’s Sky creative modes are so popular and have spawned some incredible creations, Valheim may see the same with its Hammer mode. As Valheim continues to be patched as Iron Gate Studios slowly transitions it from early access to the full release, more updates may be released to entice players to try it out for the first time.

Valheim is now available in Early Access for PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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