New Pokemon GO Special Research Includes Rare Mythical Pokemon

Pokemon GO has announced a new special research that will mark Shaymin’s world debut in the Niantic game. It’s almost a week into April, but Pokemon GO keeps delivering exciting new content. These announcements add new features to the game and give players something to look forward to.

Pokemon GO recently announced a new Community Day Classic, bringing the adorable Swinub back into the spotlight. Additionally, April is Pokemon GO’s Community Day featuring Togetic, an event where players can catch Gen 2 Pokemon. Through these events, Pokemon GO players can not only expand their teams with new Pokemon, but also use these events to earn items to upgrade already captured Pokemon, and build stronger teams to participate in conflicts such as PvP and Raids.

Pokemon GO has announced new free Special Research Grass and Gratitude, which will be available starting April 20 at 10:00AM local time. Players who complete the special research will be rewarded with an encounter with the rare mythical Pokemon Shaymin, making it a world premiere for a Niantic game. Shaymin made his Pokemon GO debut during Pokemon GO Fest 2022, where players encountered the Pokemon during the final part of the event. Players who caught Shaymin during Pokemon GO Fest 2022 need not worry, as new special research will also be available to those players, giving them another chance to encounter Shaymin.

new-pokemon-go-special-research-includes-rare-mythical-pokemon Introduced in Generation 4, Shaymin is one of those Pokmon so rare that many have questioned its existence. Due to their rarity, this group was given the title of Mythical Pokmon, and includes other popular Pokmon such as Celebi, Mew, and Jirachi. Shaymin, specifically, is a Grass-type Pokmon that can appear in two forms. In Special Research Grass and Gratitude, players will find Shaymin Land Forme, which is when Pokemon look like hedgehogs.

Despite recent tensions and a need for answers that has yet to come, Shaymin’s arrival is good news for Pokemon GO players. The world premiere of Mythic Pokemon ends a nearly year-long wait, and there’s been a lot of speculation as to when Shaymin will be seen again. This shows that while the relationship between Niantic and Pokemon GO players may be difficult, the developers are still working hard to provide engaging content for the Pokemon GO community.

Pokemon GO is available on Android and iOS.

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