Netflix's The Sandman Season 2 Gets An Update From Neil Gaiman

Neil Gaiman answers a fan question that provides clarity about Sandman season 2 and where Netflix stands in the making of the highly anticipated DC Comics series.

Netflix renewed The Sandman for season 2, igniting Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslav’s displeasure with Netflix’s payment structure, as DC IP has been leased to Netflix by the studio. However, this doesn’t seem to have affected Sandman production, as Gaiman provided an exciting update for fans who contacted the author.

Netflix’s The Sandman did a lot of things right and has been praised for being a worthy adaptation, so fans are wondering how season 2 is going to be. As curiosity grew, a fan posted a cheery message on Tumblr, first asking the author how their day went, and then going on to ask Gaiman if he had any news on making Sandman season 2, as the fan said fanbase Haven’t heard any updates for a while. Gaiman responded directly that the script has been written, the sets are being designed, and casting is currently being cast for the upcoming first episode. Although no such information has been released through media channels, pre-production is underway. So it makes sense that Gaiman would want to talk clearly about how season 2 is going, especially after finishing the script and being happy with how it’s going.

The  Sandman  (Series) For fans waiting for the next Sandman season, there are plenty of other Neil Gaiman adaptations to check out. Dead Boy Detective also deserves a mention, as it’s another Gaiman DC IP that Warner Bros. Discovery has leased to Netflix, though it was previously slated to release on HBO Max. So, the Sandman isn’t the end of what other stories can adapt. This comes amid fan movement to bring back the Snyderverse DC storyline on Netflix, as it has been suggested that Warner Bros. has discovered that the company wants to lease more DC IP to third-party streaming services as part of its business strategy. However, how the Netflix IP and other DC IPs will proceed remains up in the air as Zaslav is unhappy with Netflix’s payment structure.

Previously, amid uncertainty about how The Sandman would continue on Netflix, there was speculation about whether a potential second season would be called Season 2. However, with Gaiman finishing the script, the pieces are well underway, and this should be another exciting entry into the Sandman story set.

The Sandman Season 1 is available on Netflix.

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