MrBeast Claims New YouTube Video Took Over 4,000 Hours of Editing

Renowned YouTube content creator MrBeast recently teased his upcoming latest project, claiming that his latest video took thousands of hours to edit. MrBeast also shared that his latest YouTube video took months of planning the setup, weeks of filming time, and millions of dollars.

Jimmy Donaldson, also known as MrBeast, has been sharing content on YouTube since early 2012. MrBeast’s first batch of videos varied, with some featuring Let’s Plays and others focusing on estimating the fortunes of other YouTubers. The content of MrBeast has changed drastically since then, as he is mostly known for various acts of selflessness and fun challenges, such as his own Squid Game-style competition. Even though MrBeast’s content has changed dramatically since its debut, MrBeast’s videos continue to grow in popularity. Recently, MrBeast took to Twitter to share a tease of his upcoming video, noting the incredible amount of work that went into making his latest project possible.

MrBeast shared the quip in a short text post on the popular social media site, claiming his latest video took nearly 4,000 hours to edit. MrBeast also noted that an upcoming video will be released in a brand new style, with the project debuting on Saturday, May 6. It’s MrBeast’s latest tease of an upcoming project, leaving fans of the popular YouTuber excited to see what’s next.

MrBeast shared more information about his latest project in his reply, but details are still scant. Responding to a commenter who acknowledged that 4,000 hours equated to roughly 167 days, or six months, MrBeast said the video also cost millions of dollars and took weeks to film. He went on to say he was “giving it his all.” While fans are still unsure of what the teaser video will contain, many are anticipating another well-received act of selflessness from MrBeast.

MrBeast’s popularity has soared in recent years, even surpassing PewDiePie’s subscriber count. While his content differs from what he originally started posting on YouTube in 2012, it does offer fans an avenue to witness acts of generosity and antics that many wish they could do themselves. MrBeast’s latest project may be in keeping with that trend, but so far fans aren’t sure what the popular YouTube icon plans to show them.

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