Monster Hunter Rise: How to Get Nargacuga Marrow

The Nargacuga set is one of the more popular and stylish armor sets in Monster Hunter Rise, whether it’s Low, High, or Master Rank. But to craft it, Monster Hunter Rise players need to target a specific drop from Nargacuga. One of these is the Nargacuga Marrow, which drops from the low and high level versions of the creature. The Nargacuga Marrow is used in several weapons and armor themed around the sinister Nargacuga. To access advanced quests, players need to complete village or hub quests until reaching 4* hunts. Fortunately, bone marrow does drop in low-level hunts, making farming easier for players already dealing with high-level content.

Players do need to be patient when farming a Nargacuga Marrow or any other Monster Hunter crafting component. It may take multiple hunts (or more) for a component to drop. If a player attempts to craft multiple items, it may take longer than usual to gather all resources. And, on top of that, the fight against Nargacuga is no easy feat. It’s in the long list of Rise monsters that keep jumping around (not much in the world of MH:) and can do some mind-boggling damage.

Updated April 2, 2023 by Jacob Buchalter: A lot has been added to Monster Hunter: Rise since this article was first written. There were multiple free title updates, the whole slow change/bug fixes, and of course, the expansion Sunbreak came out. However, for all of these additions, the behavior of getting materials from monsters remains largely the same. And, some materials are more elusive than others, such as Nargacuga’s bone marrow. This item is almost as difficult to obtain as the cloak, depending on the luck of the hunter, so let’s take a look at what it actually is and how players should get it.

Nargacuga Info, Tips, Weaknesses

Monster  Hunter  Rise  -Nargacuga  Info  Page Nargacuga has been a monster in Capcom’s beloved Monster Hunter games since the days of Monster Hunter: Freedom Unite. However, especially in Monster Hunter: Rise, Nargacuga may be in the minority. At the 6-star Threal level, Nargacuga has a lot in common with other monsters like Tobi-Kadachi and Barrioth, as it moves fast and can unleash lightning-quick attacks that can take out an unsuspecting player in an instant.

Additionally, it can dismantle traps on its own, so players should basically avoid using them against this beast. Let’s review some tips specifically against it to help players who may need to hone in on a few fights to get it Marrow:

Its most vulnerable parts to physical injury are usually the head, front legs, belly, and tail/tail tip. Its greatest elemental weakness is Thunder, closely followed by Fire. Aiming at the same point as physical damage (and Cutwing) should show good results. The barbed end of his tail is tricky, so clip it off as soon as possible. Use Sonic Bomb when it seems to be standing still and focusing on hearing. Flashbangs have a higher effect on this monster because it relies so much on its line of sight. It almost always does another spin after one spin attack, so don’t go back to the Wirebug after being knocked back by the first spin.Where to Find Nargacuga Bone Marrow

Monster  Hunter  Rise  - Nargacuga  Materials  Page As one might expect, the Nargacuga Marrow is obtained from Nargacuga, Low and High Rank. For actual percentage and partial breakdowns, here is stats:

Low Level

Target Reward : 7%

Capture Reward : 3%

Sculpture (Body) : 7%

Engraving (tail) : 12%


Capture Reward : 5%

Engraving (Body) : 9%

Engraving (tail) : 13%

not applicable

Since Nargacuga Marrow drops it regardless of its low rank or high rank, it seems overall that farm Low Rank Nargacuga is better, but it all depends on the hunter’s preference.

Where to Use Nargacuga Bone Marrow

Monster  Hunter  Rise  - Looking  At  A  Weapon  That  Uses  Naga  Marrow  In-Game Almost every piece of equipment that uses Dragon Essence is a weapon, except for low-level Dragon Bracers, which only need 1 piece. As for weapons with this material, there are :

weapon name

weapon type

# required bone marrow

Hidden Ax II

switch ax


Hidden Vandal II



Hidden Gemini II

double blade


Hidden Gun II

gun gun


Hide Harmonics II

hunting horn


Hidden Scythe II



Hidden Arsenal II

Charge blade


Hidden Bow II



Hidden Eye II

light bow gun


Hidden Knife II

long sword


Hidden Blade II

big sword


hidden edge two

sword and shield


Hidden Game II

heavy bow gun


Hidden Stinger II



Karoza Bazooka II

heavy bow gun


That’s all there is to using Nargacuga Marrow, since Narga Medulla is basically its replacement in Master Rank.

Monster Hunter Rise is available now for PC and Nintendo Switch.

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