Monster Hunter Now: How to Sign up for Beta Test

Pokemon GO studio Niantic will release a new game for mobile later this year that involves real-life locations and battling giant monsters in augmented reality. This time, however, the developer is teaming up with Capcom to adapt the popular Monster Hunter series for Apple and Android smartphones with Monster Hunter Now.

The game will feature some staples of the series, such as simplified versions of Monster Hunter combat, a wide variety of weapons to choose from, character customization, item crafting, and classic Monster Hunter monsters like Rathalos. Players can even have their own follower companions to aid in battle.

Monster Hunter Now is scheduled to release sometime this September, but Niantic will be running a limited-invitation closed beta test starting this month. This guide will show potential players how to sign up for the beta, when to start, and some of its limitations.

How to sign up for Monster Hunter Now Beta

Screenshot  2023-04-19 at  7.51.03 AM Those who want to play Monster Hunter Now before the September release date must visit the official Monster Hunter Now website to register for the closed beta. Niantic began accepting registrations on Tuesday, April 18, and will continue for one week. The registration form consists of six questions that must be answered before submission.

Players must provide their email (Gmail or Google Workspace email), date of birth, gender (multiple options available), and region. There is also a question about the type of device required for the minimum requirements to run the game, so players will need an Android 7 (64-bit) device or an iPhone 8 (iOS 14) and above.

The final question asks players if they are a new, current, or deceased Monster Hunter fan. After checking the box to accept the terms of service, the form can be submitted.

Test Times and Limitations

Monster Hunter Now closed beta invitations will begin emailing testers on Tuesday, April 25th, when the beta will begin. Invites will be sent throughout the test period, so it may take a few days for some people to gain access.

The closed beta for the mobile game will be limited to 10,000 players, and Niantic says not everyone will be invited to the beta. It will also only be available in English and Japanese, and any progress made during the beta will not carry over to the full game when it launches.

Monster Hunter Now will be available for Android and iOS devices in September 2023.

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