Monolith's Nemesis System Could be Used in Future Harry Potter and Mortal Kombat Games

Monolith Productions’ popular Nemesis System could appear in future Mortal Kombat and Harry Potter games. This is via the job listing on the Warner Bros. Discovery website to find WB Games’ Director of Engineering who will help the company implement its various systems, from its extensive roster of games to the upcoming Mortal Kombat, LEGO and Harry Potter series of games .

Introduced in 2014 with Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor, the Nemesis System is one of the biggest reasons for the game’s success. It also found its way into 2017’s sequel, Middle-earth : Shadow of War, another hit from the Monolith. The Nemesis system basically provides players with a unique gaming experience based on their in-game actions and interactions with NPCs. Thanks to this system, players get a unique set of dialogue and are reminded of choices they made earlier, which is revolutionary in the industry. Now, with this job posting, Warner Bros. Discovery may finally be looking to implement it in an upcoming game.

The job listing mentions that WB Games studios, primarily Rocksteady, Avalanche, and Monolith, have “unique technical advantages” due to the different systems they build. “We’re looking for people who can take these strategy systems and bring them together with Unreal Engine 5 to build a framework for the next generation of DC universe games, Harry Potter universe games, LEGO and Mortal Kombat games,” the listing said. wrote. This means that Warner Bros. may be preparing to implement the Nemesis System in other games after the patent is granted in 2021.

The original patent for the Warner. Bros  Discovery  Nemesis  System  Mortal  Kombat  and  Harry  Potter Nemesis System was filed in 2015 but was not granted until 2021 after multiple rejections. Given that Warner Bros. Discovery paid the necessary fees, it could hold the patent until 2035; however, the revenge system has not been used in any game since Shadow of War. With this job listing, it looks like Warner Bros. Discovery is looking for the right game to make it happen, and could end up using it in an upcoming Mortal Kombat, Harry Potter, or LEGO game.

One game confirmed to use the Nemesis System is Monolith’s upcoming Wonder Woman game, which was announced at The Game Awards 2021. There isn’t much information available about the game, but it’s confirmed as a single-player open game – a world champion in which Amazon will defend Themyscira from an unknown threat. Considering it could lead to unique interactions with other Justice League members or some of Wonder Woman’s arch enemies like Cheetah and Ares, the possibilities for implementing the Nemesis system in this game are endless.

Mortal Kombat 12 is currently in development.

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