MLB The Show 23: How To Play Against Friends

Players who want to go head-to-head with their friends on MLB The Show 23 have several options. Gamers can create franchise leagues with lots of friends, play a quick exhibition match against their favorite team, or play Diamond Dynasty to gauge the roster.

However, there’s no simple button that says “play this mode with my friends.” Players looking to show off their skills, teams, and abilities in MLB The Show 23 must first jump through a few hoops before the game recognizes friends and selects a mode.

add friend

MLB  The  Show  23 Profile  Button  On  Main  Screen Click the Profile button in the main menu. Move right once in the “My Profile” menu. Select the “Friends” button. Move right once in the Requests menu. Accept or send friend requests.MLB  The  Show  23 The  My  Profile  Button Players cannot play with friends until the game recognizes that they have friends. The best Diamond Dynasty cards for each position will take a while to get, and it would be a shame not to be able to show them off. Add some friends to your profile.

Friends with questions really need a copy of MLB The Show 23. If your friend is playing on a different console, be sure to turn on cross-play mode from the My Profile screen.

MLB  The  Show  23 Sending  A  Friend  Request There is a way to earn a lot of stubs fast, so if friends prove too strong, start buying the best players, gear and perks. There’s no substitute for flair and quick reflexes, but good items will help bridge that gap.

Play against/play with a friend

MLB  The  Show  23 Playing  Against  Friends  In  Diamond  Dynasty Select the active game mode. Select “Invite Friends”. Choose the desired friend. Ask a friend to accept the invitation. Whether playing against a friend or co-op, the process is the same. Choose a game mode and invite friends. If they’re online, they’ll see the invitation pop up. When they accept, they are in the game. For some modes, such as Ratings Online, having the best team isn’t always an advantage, as the game does award extra points for weaker teams that stay competitive.

MLB The Show 23 is available now for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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