MLB The Show 23: How To Equip Equipment

Players who are having trouble trying to equip items in MLB The Show 23 are not alone. For years, the user interface has been unintuitive. Sometimes players think they’re equipping items only to find out they’re changing cosmetics when they’re not actually wearing anything at all.

Other times, devices seem to reset, especially between roles on MLB The Show 23. With some tinkering, it should only take a few seconds for players to complete a few quick steps. After that, removing, adding, and replacing devices should be a breeze.

Equip a character with equipment

MLB  The  Show  23 Profile  Screen  Location Opens the Player Profile screen. Choose players. Scroll down until you reach Playstyle Equipment. Select the desired device.MLB  The  Show  23 Choosing  A  Character The game treats each character created by the player as an individual and does not import any gear equipped by one character into another. This means that players will need to re-equip their favorite gear when crafting new characters.

After loading the correct players under the “My Players” tab, the player must also provide the new player with an ideal custom hitting position, then proceed to the “Play Style” tab until you find the “Equipment” section.

MLB  The  Show  23 Replacing  A  Piece  Of  Gear Select any slot that requires new gear, then scroll left or right until you find the desired gear. Nicely, the game is broken down between players so that hitters, pitchers, fielders, and baserunners can all use the equipment that makes the most sense for them and their needs.

MLB  The  Show  23 Selecting  A  New  Bat Players who want to hit a lot of home runs will find that they only need a few pieces of equipment.

Note that the Appearance section will allow players to visually change their uniforms, but the equipment stats listed here will count even if the player chooses to “unequip” them visually.

For four years now there has been a glitch where visual customization resets after every few games or series. This glitch doesn’t actually change the player’s equipped items, just their appearance.

MLB The Show 23 is available now for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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